True Buddha Dharma Center Introduction



There are a lot of Buddhists in this world, but very few can obtain liberation from life and death. Why? Because Buddhism practitioners have not really learned true Buddha Dharma. The dharma they learn is often times not the orthodox Buddha Dharma that was transmitted by the Buddha, and what they practice is not the perfect behavior of the Buddha. For this reason, in spite of very hard work through their lives, they do not enjoy any benefit and can only reach very small achievements.

If we want to learn the true orthodox Dharma of Tathagata, we must align ourselves with the teaching, the philosophy, and the practicing methods of the Buddha. The teaching includes doctrines and citations, the philosophy is the ideology and theory, and the methods are the specifics of the Buddha Dharma which we practice. If we only study the doctrinal meaning and the philosophy of Buddhism but do not go deeply into practicing and realizing Buddha Dharma, then we will end up with nothing but empty theories. That is a serious problem that prevalently exists in Buddhism today. If we, on the other hand, only know the practicing methods but have no knowledge of Buddha’s teaching and Buddhism philosophy, then we will not have a correct understanding of Buddhism doctrine, and our behavior will end up being that of a non-Buddhist. Furthermore, even if we have come to rely on a holy master and are taught true Buddha Dharma, without aligning our own three conditions (i.e., deeds, words, and thoughts) with those of the master, we will still not be able to obtain liberation. Therefore, for any Buddhist who wants to be liberated and to enjoy the benefits of Buddhism in this lifetime, it is a must to follow the teaching of the master, put it in tangible practice, and to keep the practice and realization real. Only through the perfect combination of cultivating one’s behavior and practicing true dharma methods can obtaining liberation in this life become easy.

Taking as the general outline the truth expounded in the Dharma Voice of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and guided by the Buddha Dharma methods transmitted by the Shakyamuni Buddha and Guru Padmasambhava, the True Buddha Dharma Center abides by the teachings, puts them in real practice, and teaches its disciples accordingly. It promotes and transmits Buddhism doctrine, Buddha’s teaching, and Buddha Dharma. It teaches Mahayana, Hinayana, or Tantric Buddhism to each disciple according to his or her respective and different origination of dependency. The True Buddha Dharma Center respects all sects of Buddhism equally. Its missions are to spread true Dharma of Tathagata, to benefit all living beings, and to advance world peace.

The True Buddha Dharma Center was co-founded by Shang Go Chung Wa IV (Duozha Xinxiong Rinpoche), and Dorje Chupa Geshe II (Longzhou Rinpoche). It is headquartered in Los Angeles, USA where it has also established the Los Angeles Buddhism Academy. Its branch dharma centers are in many places including the US, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. At these dharma centers, one can listen to the Dharma Voice of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. The Dharma Voice is the unparalleled dharma jewel that can allow all beings to obtain realization and liberation. If one can listen to the Dharma Voice with a pure and respectful heart, obtain true understanding of the meaning of the doctrine, go deep into the perfect teachings of Tathagata, and build correct knowledge and understanding, one can obtain real and practical benefits that are beyond description.