Shang Go Chung Wa IV Rinpoche

Duozha Xinxiong Rinpoche was an attendant and a guardian disciple of Guru Padmasambhava in one of the previous lives, and was one of the four summit disciples of Master Shakya Jungne, the founder of the Nyingma School of the Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. He was known as the top disciple in Tripitaka and Buddhism scriptures.

Appearing in an monastic bhikku image, His Venerable studies literature and logic reasoning, is well versed in Tripitaka and conversant in the teaching of the Buddhism scriptures, and is extremely knowledgeable in the doctrinal meaning of Buddhism practices. His endurance, perseverance, and tenacity moved H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III to take him as a disciple. He devoted himself wholeheartedly to the Buddha Master, received great abhiseka initiations, developed great wisdom, and accomplished great achievements.

He has taken the position of the principal of a Buddhism academy in Taiwan and is presently the principal of the Los Angeles Buddhism Academy in the USA and the Head Monk of the Baotasi Temple. His disciples are widespread in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and USA. He has authored books including “I do not want to descent to hell”.

As the cause and condition matured, Shi Kui Zhi (which is his monastic name) was recognized as the incarnation of Shang Go Chung Wa by His Venerable Gar Tongstan IV turning the vajra ball. The result was reported to the Maha Dharma King, and his status was certified formally by the Maha Dharma King.

He has reached the ability to shake a vajra pill telekinetically. He has tamed and converted a non-human spirit with Bodhi Holy Water, and saved a school of fish from ferocious animals by sprinkling Bodhi Holy Water. He received the superlative inner tantric state practice tummo initiation of the supreme and holiest Buddha Dharma that is “The Mahamudra of Liberation” and the Opening Nirvana Gate Fruit. He attended the Holy Test, witnessed and proctored by Seven Holy Gurus and Ten Witnesses, and was conferred Three Blue Buttons and Five Black Buttons, the status of Paramount Great Virtuous One, by the World Buddhism Association Headquarters. His achievements and dharma powers have since improved by leaps and bounds.

In order to spread true Buddha Dharma, He, together with Longzhou Rinpoche, founded the True Buddha Dharma Center, the Los Angeles Buddhism Academy, and the Baotasi Temple. He is now stationed in Los Angeles, USA, but travels to different places of the world to spread Buddhism and benefit the multitude of beings.