WBAH Announcement No. 20150102: Correct Reply to Inquiries

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H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III imparted Dharma to our Headquarters: “In the field of Buddhism nowadays, evil masters and liars pretend they had true Buddha Dharma but are totally clueless about sutra teaching and Buddha Dharma. This kind of person can be seen everywhere in the world. Especially, some people, who have the titles of a world-renowned patriarch of a generation, are also clueless though they take religious positions. Every liar would say that they are wonderful, and they hang out with Buddhas and Bodhisattvas often. You see them every day. They flaunt the flag of the patriarch of a lineage or religious leader and make the pretense as a great Bodhisattva. What is their basis? Their basis is erroneous theories and fraudulent arguments. They fool those who are neophytes into total confusion and think that they were great Bodhisattvas. They let Buddhist disciples fall into the trap of deceit, harming people for a lifetime and making them extremely miserable.”

“Actually, the level of Dharma power that a master realizes cannot be seen by regular Buddhist disciples. People cannot tell if the master truly has the Dharma power or not, and how deep or shallow the master’s Dharma power is. The well-decorated and inflated outside look usually covers the Buddhist disciples’ eyes, causing many true-believers to help the evil do evil things and share the black karma with their evil master. In the end, they receive retributions from causality and become unbearably miserable. Though Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the ten directions feel compassionate for them, most of them still cannot be saved. I think of Shakyamuni Buddha’s holy power and capabilities from Buddha Dharma when He abided in this world, which many parts of the Sutras have recorded. Who could have known the holy powers of Buddha Dharma ended up being empty talks, or even erroneous, evil arguments and cheating lies, when it comes to the rinpoches and dharma masters nowadays?”

Your United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters have established the levels and the Dharma attires to check and validate the holy and virtuous ones. It renders those evil masters and liars to have nothing but false titles and no place to hide. The so-called great Bodhisattvas dare not to even go near the sidelines of the test site. They appear so wretched and embarrassed at this time. That tells people that an ordinary person, a fake holy being, or a self-claimed god or deity king is a fake holy being and a fake Buddhist disciple if they cannot wear the dharma attire that indicates the level of holiness. The conduct of your Headquarters is to benefit living beings and to protect Buddhist disciples. It is the correct practice and correct deed.”

The impartation of Dharma by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III incisively describes the chaos in the Dharma-ending era of Buddhism. Our Headquarters will implement the change to benefit living beings as soon as possible.

Now we will reply to a few inquiry letters that we received in recent days.

The Buddhist Dharma attire of levels clearly shows the holiness level on the clothes worn by the holy gurus. Blue buttons indicate the Sumita Wheel, and gold buttons indicate the Sun-moon Wheel. One button indicates one level. The levels are star wheels. For example, one blue button means Blue Button Level 1, which equals the One-Star Sumita Wheel. Two blue buttons are Blue Button Level 2, which equals the Two-Star Sumita Wheel. Three blue buttons are Blue Button Level 3, which equals the Three-Star Sumita Wheel. A gold button added on top of three blue buttons is Gold Button Level 1, which equals the One-Star Sun-moon Wheel. Two gold buttons added on top of three blue buttons are Gold Button Level 2, which equals the Two-Star Sun-moon Wheel.

The number and type of buttons given to those who are selected by the test for the holiness levels are the results that are achieved based on the three aspects—Dharma State and Realization Capabilities, the Keeping of One’s Practice and Moral Ethics, and Sutra Teachings and Sastra Learnings. They are not definitive but are just levels of differentiation in a vague, conceptual way. But you can also say they are definitive differentiation. Whatever Yidam Dharma you practice, you can likewise attain accomplishment; you can realize the different star-wheel levels. The only difference is the dharma practice. For example, the Nirvana Path-fruit (泥丸道果) would be at the minimum Blue Button Level 1, and the Vajra Change-body Dhyana (金剛換體禪) would be at the minimum Blue Button Level 2.

Let’s use Vajra Change-body Dhyana for our illustration. In terms of the Dharma State and Realization Capability, one who practices the Dharma has realized Blue Button Level 3 (i.e., 3-star Sumita Wheel). But he or she has not realized level 3 in terms of “Keeping One’s Practice and Moral Ethics” or “Sutra Teachings and Sastra Learning” and only attained level 2, level 1, or even less. Therefore, that person is not Level 3 in the three aspects of Vajra Change-Body Dhyana 100%. And that is why it is only a vague concept.

If a person has attained the realization of Level 3 in one of the three aspects (i.e., Dharma State and Realization Capabilities, Keeping One’s Practice and Moral Ethics, and Sutra Teachings and Sastra Learning), then the testing group of our Headquarters will confer the status of Blue Button Level 2  (i.e., 2-star Sumita Wheel) on the person. If someone has reached Level 3 of Sumita Wheel in two aspects, then that person will be conferred as a Blue Button Level 3 Holy Guru for sure. If someone has attained Level 3 of Sumita Wheel in all three aspects, then that person must be Gold Button Level 1 (1-Star Sun-moon Wheel). But you need to know that is only the standard explicitly established for the Sumita Levels of Vajra Change-Body Dhyana. It is like saying if a 10-year old kid could lift a weight of 50 catties can be called a strong man, but if a 20-year mature adult is only a man of feeble strength even if he can lift a weight of 100 catties. For Sun-moon Wheel levels, the state of realization capabilities for all three aspects is like the standard for adults. Therefore, the standards for the Sun-moon Wheel in all three aspects are higher.

If a person has perfected the realization capability state in one aspect of the One-star Sun-moon Wheel, and fulfilled the realization capability in the other two aspects to 50%, then the title of Gold Button Level 2 Holy Guru (i.e., 2-star Sun-moon Wheel) will be conferred on that person. If a person has perfected the realization capability state in all three aspects of One-star Sun-moon Wheel, that person is a Gold Button Level 3 Holy Guru (i.e., 3-Star Sun-moon Wheel). In other words, that person has attained the state of accomplishment for a great Bodhisattva. Therefore, anybody who is not a 3-star Sun-moon Wheel Holy Guru will make mistakes when giving teaching. Once someone has entered 3-star Sun-moon Wheel, he or she will no longer just practice Vajra Change-body Dhyana but also the Dharma for advancing to Great Mahasattva. At that time, He will need to receive the Enlightenment-Practice Initiation (覺行灌頂), prepare Himself to be an Equal Enlightenment Bodhisattva and eventually advance to become a Buddha.

To say it practically and clearly, the Blue Button Level 3 Holy Gurus (i.e., 3-Star Sumita Wheel) are already rare. In the whole world at the moment, the highest of those who are publicly accepting disciples are only the ones holding the Blue Button Level 3 Holy Gurus (i.e., 3-star Sumita Wheel) certificate. Not one person who possesses the Sun-moon Wheel Holy Guru certificate is publicly propagating Dharma. Therefore, you Buddhist cultivators must not only strive in your practice to attain the realization of Blue Button Level 3 (3-Star Sumita Wheel), but also the realization of the even higher Gold Button level Holy Gurus (Sun-moon Wheel).

Why do we say it is definitive, having said that it is non-definitive? The reason is there are four categories in the test according to the rules. The checking by the Three Masters and Seven Witnesses is the checking done by humans. Since it is an artificial investigation and validation, it is inevitable to have errors. Therefore, it is non-definitive. The validation by the Seven Masters and Ten Witnesses is to validate the Dharma state, and the realization capabilities, manifest by the test candidate themselves. Even though the Dharma state and the realization capabilities are real with tangible proof, no checking is done on Keeping One’s Practice and Moral Ethics or Sutra Teachings and Sastra Learning, so it is a vague concept and henceforth, non-definitive. Therefore, one can see that some people have incredible powers but are wholly inadequate in terms of Keeping One’s Practice and Moral Ethics or Sutra Teachings and Sastra Learning. Only the result that is asserted by the Yidam or the test that is Validated through True Dharma (正道應證) by the Dharmapalas are definitive. The former is where a Buddha or Bodhisattva asserts the Buddhist disciple to be a holy guru. The Buddhist disciple can also be checked on all three aspects, or just one aspect or two aspects.

For Assertion by the Yidam, there are three Dharmas. Checking by performing the Dharma of “Knowing in Advance and Foretelling the Future,” “Vajra Faman Initiation,” or “Determining via One-Hundred Bright Dharma Gates in Total Dark” in public is definitive and accurate. In these Dharmas, the Yidam, a Buddha or Bodhisattva, publicly asserts in front of a congregation. It is not something that can be done by humans.

Additionally, the “Validation by true Dharma” is also definitive. What is fake remains fake, and what is true remains true. The reason is that it is not artificial, and the Dharmapalas in space do not lie to people.

If you voluntarily take the test, please do not apply for the “Knowing in Advance and Foretelling the Future” or the “Determination through One-Hundred Bright Dharma Gates in Dark.”  Our Headquarters has not been able to invite the Buddha or a Great Mahasattva to preside over it.

The holy gurus of our Headquarters went to invite H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III respectfully. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III said: “I only have the humbling practice of cultivation. I cannot preside over the test. Especially, many test candidates are my disciples. I gave them to the Bodhisattvas, Dharmapalas, and your Headquarters to test them rigorously. Therefore, I cannot participate in your test work.”

But our Headquarters has invited a Great Dharma King of the Great Dharma Kings, the Great Venerable Wangzha Shangzun, to do the Vajra Famen Initiation to select holy gurus. There is Greatly Holy Guru in our Headquarters who will preside over the Validation Through True Dharma.

Why does a holy and virtuous one need to be annually reexamined? H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III said: “Your United international World Buddhism Association Headquarters must do the checking well for Buddhists. You must perform the annual examination every year to prevent the evil master from regressing and cheating people with evil views.”

Because a holy and virtuous one could advance or regress in his or her practice, starting from 2015, our Headquarters will no longer rely on the Three Masters and Seven Witnesses to investigate and validate the item that determines a holy and virtuous one’s status. We will change to holding the test in public without exception. From now on, whether someone is asserted by Yidam, determined by Dharmapala with True Dharma, or tested with the Seven Masters and Ten Witnesses must be annually reexamined to see if they are advancing or regressing. Doing so is is to safeguard living beings so that they can safely learn correct understanding and views of Dharma, receive the benefit of perfect wisdom and fortune, and to prevent those who have regressed from holy to the ordinary or the evil masters from cheating people.

However, the Greatly Holy Gurus, who have realized Gold Button Level 3 (i.e., 3-Star Sun-moon Wheel), do not need to be annually reexamined. It is because the 3-star Sun-moon Wheel level is already at a non-retrograde Great Bodhisattva. You must pay special attention that anyone with the status of Holy Guru, regardless of their level, can apply to the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters to be asserted by Yidam through the Dharma of Vajra Faman to determine their precise status. Nonetheless, this Headquarters does not request or proactively ask a holy guru to take this test. We suggest that you apply to take the Validation Through True Dharma to determine your level and status.

The United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters has decided that, from this year on, a holy guru can either display the holiness level certificate or not to display it when rising to the rostrum. From practice, it has shown the disciples do not dare to check the certificate even if the master presents it. Those Holy Gurus who are publicly saving people and propagating Dharma must wear the Dharma attire that indicates their level in daily life. Any master not wearing the Dharma attire that shows their level is not a good person without exception. They must have private motivations or an intention to deceive disciples. Such a person must be evil-minded because they dare not to face their disciples open and above board. They must be a liar and an evil person. If a Buddhist disciple continues to hang out with a master who does not wear the Dharma attire, we shall deem that disciple as conspiring with the liar and evil master and an accomplice.

Additionally, we now inform everyone that you must read the public announcements issued by the Office of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. You must read the book Behind The Descending Of The Ancient Buddha To This World so that you can understand the Buddha’s realization capability of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, as well as the teachings and practices of the correct understanding and views.

The accomplishment that the test candidate attained based on the Nirvana Path-fruit or the practice of other true Buddha Dharma all results in a dharma attire with star-wheels and a certificate of holiness level. The certificate of holiness level must be reexamined annually. The level of a holy guru marks the class of realization that is attained by them. Its function is to make it convenient for Buddhist cultivators to detect and prevent liars or evil masters from pretending to be holy gurus. It is just like the levels of martial art or international chess; it is also like the ranks of the military personnel. One can tell someone’s level of accomplishment from it. Please note one thing. Although a holy guru needs not to display the certificate when they rise to the rostrum, Buddhists can call or email the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters Inquiry Center directly. They can ask to verify if the level of a master wearing the dharma attire is correct or not and whether that master has passed the annual examination.

Holy Guru Dharma Master Zhengda Awang Deji needs to have Her status examined annually. The Three-star Sun-moon Wheel Wangzha Shangzun from the Office of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III said to the Chair of our United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters: “Dharma Master Zhengda verbally requested to be certified separately. I could not preside over her certification process last year because I serviced and gave teachings in a reclusive closed room. We will combine Dharma Master Zhengda’s annual examination for 2014 with the one for 2015. Dharma Master Zhengda has not regressed!

Dharma King Gar Tunstan, the Chair of our Headquarters, said: “Our Headquarters executes the annual examinations according to the Dharma decree of Wangzha Shangzun. Dharma King Baden Luode and Dharma Master Longhui were waived from the annual examination because our Headquarters has been too busy with dharma affairs. I will arrange the 2015 annual reexamination for them. They can request in which item they would like to take the test.”

United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters

March 7, 2015

Attachment: Inquiry letters

Inquiry 1 – By Email

Date: March 1, 2015

Subject: Important questions for reply

From: Yixi Zhuoga

Respected Greatly Holy Gurus at the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters:

We, the disciples, have a few critical questions that we beseech your answers. Many people are perplexed about these questions. For example, some people who hold the level of 3-Star Sumita Wheel proclaims to the outside people that one can only achieve such a level through a crown opening with Vajra Change-Body Dhyana. He also claims to be a great Bodhisattva. Is it true? Do all people who have attained the Vajra Change-Body Dhyana 3-Star Sumita Wheel Holy Gurus? Is anyone practicing the Vajra Change-Body Dhyana at the Sun-moon Wheel level? Is anyone practicing the Nirvana Path-fruit at the 3-Star Sumita Wheel level? For those who practice other Dharmas, will they have the Dharma attire that indicates their star-wheel levels? How are the number and type of the star-wheel levels determined? Is the good or bad, as indicated by someone’s stars and wheel, definitive or vague? If one is already a holy guru, why does one still need annual reexamination? If a holy guru who has the star-wheel holiness certificate does not display it, nor do they wear the Dharma attire, do we immediately leave them and seek another master who abides by the precepts? Do we view those masters who violated the precepts as liars?

We implore the Greatly Holy Gurus to give us a prompt reply. Thank you very much!

The ignorant disciples, Yixi Zhuoga and Huiyue beseeching on behalf of a congregation.

March 2, 2015


Inquiry 2 – By Email

Date: March 6, 2015

Subject: Please answer for us disciples

From: Jing C

The Holy Gurus at the Inquiry Center of the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters:

We, the disciples, saw the public announcement the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters issued today. It says the Headquarters will start implementing the policy to require masters to wear Dharma attires that indicate their Star-wheel levels. Some holy and virtuous ones nowadays are of Sumita Wheels’ level, while others of Sun-moon Wheel’s level. Could you please explain what the relation is between Sumita Wheel/Sun-moon Wheel and the levels? How do we distinguish? The announcement also says annual reexaminations are required. Do someone who has the Nirvana Path-fruit and validated by the Three Masters and the Seven Witnesses need to take the test too?

I saw Dharma Master Zhengda Awang Deji is a 3-Star Sumita Wheel Holy Guru. Her holiness certificate is not reexamined annually. Does that mean she no longer needs the annual reexamination? Or has she regressed?

What is the minimum level of accomplishment if someone’s crown is opened via the Nirvana Path-fruit? What about the minimum level of accomplishment via Vajra Change-Body Dhyana? If we practice other Dharmas, will we attain the star-wheel levels? What is the lowest star-wheel level? We need to understand the answers to these questions clearly. Only so can we prevent fake or evil masters.

We fell greatly obliged if you could answer our questions!

Buddhist disciple, Cheng Jing

March 6, 2015

(English translation by Zunba)