WBAH Announcement No. 20150103: Regarding the Holiness Levels Test

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False Buddha dharmas have deceived many Buddhist disciples who devote themselves piously and sincerely. There are too many fake holy people with grandiose titles in the world of Buddhism nowadays. A lot of notable rinpoches, great dharma kings, and dharma masters all claim that they are great holy beings and can fly away as a bird or pass in rainbow light. Still, the fact is not what they say at all. Which one of those masters who brandished titles have flown away or passed away in rainbow light? Can they materialize spirituality? They are not even qualified to pick up shoes for Dharma Master Jianhui!

Those impostors who fake as holy beings have made it so miserable for Buddhist disciples with their lies. Some people who are standing outside the gate also dare to claim they are experts in Buddha Dharmas. There is an evil cheater by the name of Lee Yan-Hsin, who lives in Quemoy, Taiwan. He has no clue that he himself is full of karmic hindrances, stupidity, and ignorance. He does not even know which dharma-enforcing Yidam must first agree before a disciple can enter samadhi in the Great Dharma of Zen that the Buddha imparted. Unbelievably, he dared to tamper with the Great Dharma of Zen, hoping that he could use it as a tool to deceive people. He rebelled against his master and eliminated his lineage by doing so. He is hindered by black karma and is full of evil views. He is so childish and pitiable! He is a total cheat. As a result of this, The United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters is extending to him an invitation for taking the holiness levels test in this public announcement. We do not expect him to pass the test for a very high level. Still, if he could just pass the One-Star Sumita Wheel level, our Headquarters will send him an apology and publicly announce it to the world. But if he should not dare to come to the test, he would be a liar. That is because he can only talk pompously without any shame and is so stupid as to want to change the Great Dharma of Zen by the Buddha. Let us all ask him one question: “What is your achievement in Five Vidyas? and what is your achievement in esoteric and exoteric Buddhism?” He is just an ordinary man without shame! Whoever follows him will carry the sinful karma together with him and descend into the Avici Naraka (i.e., the uninterrupted hell) for sure.

When we see Buddhists being cheated by all sorts of crooks in the world nowadays, we feel embarrassed at the Headquarters. Still, we cannot change the situation. We just want to do a bit of Buddhist work that benefits people to help everyone check the real face of those masters who have the title of a holy person. We want to protect those who genuinely want to cultivate themselves by learning from Buddha from falling captive to deceptions. That is a bit of our responsibility and obligation we are fulfilling. It is for that reason that we set up the system of the holiness levels test. Everything is to benefit people by showing who is true and who is fake. We have no desire for personal interests.

Dharma King Gar Tonstan, a 2-star Sun-moon Wheel Greatly Holy Guru and the Chair of our Headquarters, said: “I came to this world with a deficient innate faculty. I have very shallow dharma powers and realization levels. I know well that I am not qualified to take any disciple. Only when I was giving an inner-tantric initiation during the holiness level test, I had no choice but to take one disciple. That is the only one for me in this lifetime. I want to spend all my time on cultivation, learning the Dharmas, and practicing the Dharmas. The matter regarding death and rebirth is so significant that I do not dare to slack. When I have truly become a Bodhisattva, I will spend all my effort in broadly saving living beings.”

Some people think too lightly about holy beings. Ordinary people would imagine that if someone has a lineage and owns the great fame as a venerable, a great dharma king, a notable rinpoche, or a great dharma master, that person must be holy and know Buddha Dharmas. But the truth is not like that. Such thinking is too absurd! Becoming a holy person is not easy. Those who can pass the test for even Blue Button Level 1 are already rare and incredible. It is hard to find one greatly holy person out of a hundred thousand dharma kings, rinpoches, or dharma masters who can achieve perfection in two categories. You can forget about finding one who can pass the test for all three categories!

Many people do not know how deep the ocean or how high the sky is nowadays. They help their evil masters lie to people by falsely bragging their masters as great Bodhisattvas. Have you thought about it? Even if your master could pass the test perfectly in one of the three categories, they would still not have enough of the realization level of a great Bodhisattva. Not to mention, they cannot pass the test at all, can they? They are still really far behind, aren’t they? Check carefully, how many items in the three categories have they passed? Which item have they passed for the test? What is their strong suit? Can they touch the level as an Arahat? What kind of a Bodhisattva are they? What is their Gold Button level? Are they qualified to give teachings? If you listen to their lessons and read their writings, what will happen to you? How could it be easy to find a guru of the Arahat class, not to mention a guru of the Bodhisattva class!

Concerned that Buddhist disciples will be deceived, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha has always been reminding people in the last several years. The Buddha said: “The teachings given by those below the Three-Star Sun-moon Wheel level will have severe errors and full of evil and partial views and understanding. The field of Buddhism is out of order nowadays. All over the places, people are faking to be correct, but they are actually false. Big liars and small liars appear everywhere, and cheaters are pretending to be holy beings. They raise the banners of a lineage, but they do not understand the basic sutra teachings, dharma meanings, or keeping the practice, let alone true Buddha Dharmas. And yet, they call themselves holy beings and deceive people in all the places.

You hold the test to help people distinguish gold from copper and the good from the bad. You are doing a kind deed that benefits all people. Emphasize cultivation to abstain from all the evil deeds and pursues all the good deeds. Mysterious or strange things do not mean anything. Even if you could ride the clouds to fly in the air, you are only wasting time, because it cannot liberate you from death and rebirth. Are you going to be even more functional than an airplane? An airplane can carry several hundred people to fly!

The two mind-essences of cultivation in the Supreme and Unsurpassed Mahamudra of Liberation are the most important. You need to learn and understand Imparting the Absolute Truth with Heart Sutra. Do things as long as they benefit people, and do not even touch anything if it does not help people. It is not easy that you have obtained this human body. Do not be attached to any insult or slander, no matter which person or situation it may come from. If you are unable not to be attached, then you must forcefully endure the insult. You must remember not to leave any wrong or dark mentality, speech, or conduct. When you leave this world, everything will be bright. Only so can you not let yourself down; only so can you face living beings.”

H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III’s teaching is a blessing of supreme jewel to us!

Anyone who claims to be a holy being is truly so only if they have passed the test. Additionally, they must have a matching level and status.  Only so are they eligible to wear the holy guru’s attire and be respected as a holy being by Buddhists. If one calls themself a holy person and an expert but dares not to take the test, then one is nothing but a false holy being and a real liar who deceives people.

The test for holiness levels includes shared categories and individual categories. The master presiding over the exam, and the proctoring masters first do a face-to-face oral test with the candidate. The combination of the Holy Divination and Divine Announcement of Manjushri Bodhisattva (文殊菩薩打卦神諭) and the Dharmapala Validation through True Dharma of Mahamayuri Vidyarajni (孔雀明王護法正道擇決) gives the final results of the test. The test of the shared categories has three test item choices: 1. Dharma Power and Realization Capability Levels, 2. Keeping of One’s Practice and Moral Ethics, and 3. Sutra Teachings and Sastra Learning.

First, there are two major stages relating to the test on the Dharma Power and Realization Capability Levels. The first is the Stage of Generating Real Form (“the Generation Stage”), and the second is the Completion and Application Stage (“the Completion Stage”). There are many items for the first stage, the Stage of Generating Real Form. The following are some examples: What are the Dharma state and the real form you the test candidate have realized? Which Dharma are you practicing? What is the true-form state that you have generated? Which level of dhyana have you abided in? And which level of samadhi have you attained?

For the Completion and Application Stage, there are also many items such as: What kind of holy state can you initiate in your Dharma application? Which type of wisdom can you develop? What are your real achievements in the five vidyas? Can you list the manifestations of your self-realized accomplishment? Do you consider that you have the power of visualization* (觀照力)? Can you transform from what is mental to what is material? And what kind of effect can you manifest that transformation outside your body.

Second, in the category of Keeping One’s Practice and Moral Ethics, there are the subcategories of Kindness, Uprightness, Loyalty, Truthfulness, Compassion, Benefiting Others, Abiding by Precepts, Altruism, Dedication, Bodhicitta and Bodhi Practice, Earnestly Propagating Dharma Voice, Protecting True Tathagata Dharma, Refusing Mysterious, Heretic, and Superstitious Practices, and so on.

Third, for Sutra Teachings and Sastra Learning, the items include: which Sutra and Sastra in the Twelve Divisions of Tripitaka have you studied in depth; what is the level of your understanding; can you rise onto a platform and give a teaching on it; or have you authored books to expound the meaning; and whether you consider your teachings are correct, whether your views and understanding are evil or not.re

If you have attained the fruit level of Arahat or if you are the reincarnation of a true Bodhisattva, you can apply to directly take Vajra Faman (金剛法幔), starting at the Sun-moon Wheel level. To those Buddhist cultivators who would like to be determined by Vajra Faman, you must know it is a risky step to take. If what is said in your test document is true, and you are indeed an Arahat or a Bodhisattva, then we congratulate you. Contrarily, if what is stated on your test document is not true and you are really an impostor faking to be a holy man, then the test will show you to be a crazy, deluded, evil, ordinary man. Why? It is because you say you have the realization even you do not, you say you have attained it, but you have not. The Yidam overseeing the test does not play favoritism; They see that you have committed a sinful action and violated the precepts. You have sullied the holy test site and thus deserve to be punished. Your action and retribution have to be told to the world.

The 3-Star Sun-moon Wheel (Gold Button Level 3) Wangzha Shangzun said: “My abilities are indeed shallow, and I am not qualified to give teachings. But since I have already accepted to be the presiding master over the Vajra Faman Determination to validate the statuses of the holy and virtuous ones for the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters, I must say to the test candidates this today. Whether you are a greatly famous venerable, a great Dharma king, a great rinpoche, a great dharma master, or just a regular master, as long as the test item you put down on your test document is false, you will not pass the test. You cannot pretend to be so great anymore.

The combined result from the Divine Announcement and The Vajra Faman Determination or the Validation through Dharmapala True Dharma does not err a slight bit. The Greatly Holy Dharmapala will not err on causality a slight bit. I have composed two vertical couplets and one horizontal banner to illustrate the situation. The first couplet reads: “Your level revealed is exactly what your level is, so do not think your level would be any higher;” and “Your weight shown will be whatever you weigh, so there is no way you can add weight.” The second couplet reads: “What is true cannot be made false, in which case moving Mt. Taishan is as easy as moving a plate;” and “What is false cannot be made true, and getting a test result higher than what you are is harder than climbing the sky.” The banner says: “The result from true Dharma matches what is revealed in the holy divination, the rules are abided by to verify the result where no favoritism is played; the dharma guarding deities for the holy test are responsible for their own causality, while the fundamental guru presiding over the mandala is not responsible for the causality.” So, it is clearly stated that the presiding master is not responsible for the causal consequences. Rather, the Dharmapalas in charge of the test is responsible for the causal consequences. As such, the Dharmapalas in charge of the test will not take the bad causal retribution for you, and there is no favoritism at play.

It is easy to pass the test, as long as two things are satisfied 100%. First, the test document must be truthful; and second, you have indeed attained the corresponding realization level in your holy capabilities, virtues, and teachings. If the test document you submit is false, and you have not attained the level, no matter how you do the test, you will not pass it.

Take Validation by Vajra Faman Determination for illustration. If we submit the Dharma image of Shakyamuni Buddha to be determined as a Buddha, then the Faman will manifest holiness by forming a crown on top of the Buddha’s head to show He is indeed a Buddha. It is because Shakyamuni Buddha is a true Buddha. If you take the image of Monk Jigong to be tested by Vajra Faman as a Buddha, then no form will be shown, and therefore no crown can be put on top of the head. It is because Jigong is not a Buddha, and the Yidam will view it as an outrageous action that is disdaining the Buddha. If you want Jigong to be crowned by Famen, you must report him as a reincarnated rinpoche on your test document.

Therefore, when a candidate writes the test document, he or she writes it voluntarily.  However, he or she must truthfully write the item and category in which he or she has confidently attained realization, or to which level he or she feels confident in reaching. You must submit the test document truthfully. If you do not have confidence in realizing an item, then don’t write it down. Otherwise, you will be viewed as crazy, you will be deemed to be cheating the Greatly Holy Guru who presides over the test, the Yidam, and the Dharmapalas in charge of the test. Not only you will not pass the test, but you will also be defined as an evil person who deliberately does something while knowing it is wrong! It is because you are so bad that you dare to cheat the Dharmapalas. You only deserve to be called shameless!

After this announcement is published, you will see those who are conceited and swaggering normally, those who pretend to be a great holy person or those who have regressed, will not know what to do. They will find all kinds of excuses to escape; they do not dare to come to the test and try to avoid the test. These people who shamelessly call themselves a great Bodhisattva, a great holy being, a great dharma king, a great rinpoche, or a great dharma master in front of their disciples, have suddenly become small rats. Why? It is because they are fake; they tell lies to cheat their disciples normally. They are a piece of scrap metal and are afraid of being thrown into the smelting furnace. They will show their true color when they are put to the test. Therefore, when they know the test is coming, they are so nervous that they have to fabricate some reasons to hide as long as they can. However, people all know it is a fact that they are a liar and an ordinary man if they do not dare to take the test! Another kind of person has the status as a holy and virtuous person but are still lying. For example, they have passed the holiness levels test but only attained Sumita Wheel Blue Button Level 1. They do not wear the Dharma attire that indicates their level because they have selfish motives and greed. They do not want people to know they are Blue Button Level 1, because they want to pretend to be a holy and virtuous person of an even higher level so that they can cheat people more easily.

This Headquarters asks for the holy and virtuous masters’ forgiveness because our words are too sharp. But what we say is true and straightforward, after all. If you are a true holy guru, there is nothing to worry about at all. Even if you are to take the test on only one item, you treat is honestly. That is a glorious and ethical thing you do, and you are worthy of being others’ master. If you are a liar or an evil master, or if you have normally said untrue things that do not match who you really are, then you should retract immediately and repent yourself sincerely. Do not continue your deceit; become a good person who benefits others. Practice true cultivation and learn true Buddha Dharma. Let people listen to the Dharma Voice of the Buddha. You will attain accomplishment in this lifetime, and people will understand you and forgive you. You can become a good master as long as you have corrected yourself.

United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters

April 7, 2015

(English translation by Zunba)