WBAH Announcement No. 20150104: Overview of the Ritual to be Applied in the Holy Test

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The test for the holiness levels held this time can be said the most rigorous, the most complete, the highest level, and also the highest standard, and the most precise exam among all Buddhist exams. It is much higher than the test for Geshi or Ph.D. in Buddhism. Even the Lharampa Geshi degree (拉然巴格西), or the Ehrampa* Geshi (俄然巴格西) degree, cannot compare to it. Because even the top-class Ehrampha Geshi test does not include an examination on the realization capabilities and Dharma powers. The test for the five vidyas is not a broad-based and detailed examination but only a test on the traditional, fixed form five vidyas. On the other hand, the Buddhist test on holiness levels held by our United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters does not only test the candidate on Tripitaka and correct vs. evil views and understanding but also requires the candidate to pass the holy test, which is a test performed according to the Rituals of Beseeched Vinaya Articles to be Applied in the Holy Test* (聖考祈請律章施軌) that is used specifically for selecting holy and virtuous ones.

The Rituals of Beseeched Vinaya Articles to be Applied in the Holy Test has the same Dharma lineage as the Supreme Essential Mind Points and the Quintessence of Great Perfection* (無上心要大圓滿精髓). It is a great Tathagata Dharma of authentic and orthodox transmission. It originated from the Dharmakaya Buddha— Samantabhadra Rājā Tathāgata (普賢王如來), whose sambhogakaya, the Dorje Chang Buddha, transmitted to the Five Buddhas in the Five Directions (五方五佛), and the Five Buddhas in the Five Directions transmitted to Vajrasattva (金剛薩埵). It is the mind-seal transmission (心印傳承) in the Indian lineage. Vajrasattva transmitted it to Garab Dorje (勝喜金剛), who transmitted it to Mañjushrimitra* (文殊親覲) and continued down to the seventh generation—Shri Singtha* (吉祥獅子). Shri Singtha transmitted it to the eight-generation patriarch—Guru Padmasambhava (蓮花生大士).

Wangzha Shangzun received the mind-seal transmission from Dorje Chang Buddha, Mañjushrimitra, and Guru Padmasambhava and applied this terma of Dharma practice for the holy test to validate and test the masters for their holiness levels, to protect and benefit living beings. To equally propagate Buddhist teachings without regard to sectarian divisions, and to subdue demons, remove devils, keep away the witchy masters of the evil cults from disturbing the mandala, Shangzun especially chanted the Heart Sutra, the Diamond Sutra, the Agama Mantra, the Great Compassion Dharani (Nīlakaṇṭha Dhāraṇī), the Mahakala Mantra, the Rahula Mantra, the Ekajaṭī (Ch. 獨髮母Mantra, the Kalachakra Mantra, the Vajrakilaya (Tb. Dorje Phurba, Ch. 普巴金剛) Mantra, the Yamantaka Vajra Mantra, and the Heaven-Covering Vajra* (Ch. 蓋天金剛) Mantra.

The Dharma practice of the Rituals of Beseeched Vinaya Articles to be Applied in the Holy Test is 100% precise in terms of selecting holy and virtuous ones, but it does not determine whether the selected holy and virtuous one will gain or lose their dharma capability level in the process of their learning and practice in the future unless they are a non-retrograde Mahasattva that is Gold Button Level 3 or above.

This holy test begins with the high monks and holy gurus interviewing the test candidate, and ends with the validation by Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, which is to avoid human favoritism. There may be issues with human proctors, but Buddhas and Bodhisattvas will never practice favoritism.

The test for holiness levels has four main parts. The first part is to test on sutra teaching, Sastra learning, and Vinaya rules. The second part is to test if the practice one keeps and one’s moral ethics are conforming to the conduct of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Real instances must be put forth for the seven holy gurus and the ten witnesses to investigate. The third part is to test on correct vs. evil views and understanding, using the 128 erroneous and evil views and understanding, the Dharma imparted by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, as the standard. The fourth part is to test the candidate’s dharma power and realization level. It is the concluding test of the three previous parts, where Buddhas and Bodhisattvas observe and examine to see if the candidate is true or false and what capabilities they have. The candidate must have true capabilities, true powers. They can only pass the test with true powers.

During the time of the test, there will be seven holy gurus and ten witness masters rigorously monitoring the test on-site. Other than the Divine Announcement by Holy Divination (打卦神諭), the most difficult part is the Samsara Eight-wind Array, the true way to protect the Dharma. The candidate is to first present their document, on which they have state clearly which item in which category will they be specifically tested. The candidate must truly understand the content of the item they will be tested on. This document will be read and then burned in the test site. If the candidate forges a document for the test, e.g., if the candidate only knows some jargons but does not know anything about the content, but to fool Buddhist disciples, they falsify the document for the test, then they will be engulfed in the cycle of birth and death of the Samsara Eight-wind Array. Not only they cannot pass even Level 1, but the power of the array will also be instantaneously increased on the spot. The candidate will end up being extremely miserable!

That is the test for the holy and virtuous levels. As to the test for the status of Arahats and Bodhisattvas, a separate Vajra Array is set up. On the surface, the Vajra Array may look very peaceful, calm and splendid as if it was in the gentle Springtime wind where everything is auspicious, but in reality, the entire space in the array is full of the power to disintegrate the four great elements and is extremely dangerous and harmful. It is 100 times scarier than the Samsara Eight-wind Array and is especially used to validate the status of Arahats and Bodhisattvas.


Wangzha Shangzun presented the Vinaya Articles for Holy Test to H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. After having seen the Rituals of Beseeched Vinaya Articles to be Applied in the Holy Test, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III said: “Wangzha is a good disciple who does Buddhist undertakings to benefit living beings. As the presiding guru over the test site, you are doing a kind deed in checking and selecting good masters of good virtue for living beings. At this Dharma-ending era, a kind holy guru like you who sincerely benefits living beings is needed. It is also commendable that your United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters has the bodhicitta to do the beneficial deed to check the evil and uphold the right. But why must you set up a Samsara Eight-wind Array to select and accept holy and virtuous ones? My cultivation level is shallow. I don’t understand your Samsara Eight-wind Array, but I am very concerned after I have read the Vinaya Articles for Holy Test. I wonder if that will harm people and if it is too difficult for the candidates.”

“The focus of the test should be placed on the three things that are 1. Sutra, Vinaya, and Sastra; 2. Keeping one’s cultivation and moral ethics; and 3. Correct vs evil views and understanding. It will be beneficial to society, humankind, and all living beings if these three items are done well, and the Buddhist cultivator can naturally become a virtuous one and attain accomplishment.”

“You want me to give blessings to the test and do the overall definitive checking. I am very humbled, I cannot partake in this Buddhist work that you do, which has boundless merits. There are two primary reasons: 1. I do not have the Dharma power or capability to help you; 2, I read the Rituals of Articles to be applied. The Arrays that are mentioned in it are too ferocious. I am a common, humbled, non-conversant one who does not understand the Eight-wind Array, let alone the Vajra Array. I do not qualify to be involved. The Arrays in your test are not the arrays from the fabled story of Feng Shen Bang*2 (封神榜), are they? The Adamantine Seal is not the Heaven-tumbling Seal (翻天印), is it? Those are Daoist fables and fictitious. You are Buddhists, so do not forget the Buddhist mission, which is to base yourself on the mind of great compassion and bodhicitta. How can you scare people with array formations?’

“To me, the humbled one, who only knows to keep my cultivation with bodhicitta, not to say doing the overall checking, I will not pass the test if you ask me to take it. I will only teach people to cultivate themselves, and I will not partake in the array which you have mentioned. But I must say, there are too many evil masters and liars in the world nowadays. There are also ordinary people faking to be holy all over the place. They all brandish a flashy, grandiose flag of being powerful and authentic. Those who want to cultivate themselves and learn from Buddha don’t even dare to generate a thought of doubt and can only fall prey to their deceit. Since your test selects good holy guru master for living beings, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the ten directions all praise your Bodhi deeds. I too wish you can find and select good masters and beneficial virtuous ones.”

“I remind you once more to tell people that what is important is to learn well Imparting the Absolute Truth Through Heart Sutra and the two major mind essences in the Supreme and Unsurpassed Mahamudra of Liberation. If you break away from these two great Dharmas of practices, you will regress to an ordinary person even if you are a holy one. Wangzha, you should know what Dharma principles you have based yourself on to attain the accomplishment you have now.”

The Gold Button Level 3 Wangzha Shangzun said: “You can see what kind of pure and supreme state my Buddha Master is in. He only has the heart to benefit people. He tirelessly toils without accepting any offerings. Being selfless in benefiting others, He has surpassed the supreme holy beings of the Five-Star Sun-Moon Wheel level. There is not another holy being in today’s world who can remotely compare to Him. But He put Himself at an extremely average, most common low position. On the contrary, some of those rinpoches who are only One-star or Two-star Sumita Wheel (Blue Button Levels 1 and 2) shamelessly inflate themselves as great Bodhisattvas. They are childish and ignorant! This kind of low-class clowns can only be called pitiable!”

“The Dharma impartation by Buddha Master has let me, Wangzha, a humbled bhikkhu, feel ashamed with my head bowed. The Supreme Buddha, the tremendously holy one in the Dharmadhatu, even talks and does things like that; then what qualifies me, an unimportant bhikkhu who owns an empty title, to come and preside over the main test site of the holy test? I would respectfully request a few holy gurus of Sun-Moon Wheel level to come and help me do the work with me! It is true. Buddha Master said what I had wanted to say. In the early years when I did my practice in reclusion, I only learned the Dharma of the Tibetan esoteric Buddhism. In recent years, what I learned is the teachings by the beneficent H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, which is the non-sectarian Buddhist teachings of cultivation. It is unimaginable how fast it allows me to attain accomplishment! One session of its practice is superior to a thousand sessions of the other Buddha Dharmas. These are my heartfelt words. They are true and practical! Imparting the Absolute Truth Through Heart Sutra and the two major mind essences in the Supreme and Unsurpassed Mahamudra of Liberation is the most wonderful and supreme treasure! You must listen more to the Dharma Voice of Dorje Chang Buddha Master. As for which Buddha Dharma I practice, of course, it is a supreme and unsurpassed Buddha Dharma. Because I must obey the precepts, I will not say what Dharma Buddha Master transmitted to me.”


We will follow the Dharma imparted to us by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. We will never forget the Buddha Master’s teaching: “Abstain from all bad deeds and do all good deeds. Base yourself on the mind of great compassion and bodhicitta to benefit living beings.” Buddhist disciples, please believe in us. If we did not cultivate ourselves this way, how can we help living beings to check it by holding the test for holiness levels? What we are concerned with the most is Buddhist disciples being cheated by evil masters and liars. That is why we are here helping Buddhist cultivators distinguish between those masters who are true and correct and those masters who are false and evil. The Buddha mentioned that we Buddhists cannot play with Daoist array formations. We sincerely declare here that the array formations used in our test are Buddhist array formations, which have nothing to do with Daoism or any other kind of non-Buddhist religion. As mentioned earlier, these arrays are initiated with the Heart Sutra, the Diamond Sutra, the Agama Mantra, the Great Compassion Dharani (Nīlakaṇṭha Dhāraṇī), the Mahakala Mantra, the Kalachakra Mantra, and other holy Buddhist mantras. They do not contain a bit of non-Buddhist flavor. They are not from the fabled story Feng Shen Bang but rather tangibly realized Buddhist arrays.

Every Vajra Dharma in Buddhism has an array formation. The Agama Mantra is associated with the Agama Emptiness and Form Demon-Subduing Array* (楞嚴空色伏魔陣), the Great Compassion Dharani is associated with the Great Compassion Array of Taking Demon Down to Hell* (大悲降拿地府陣). The Homa Holy Fire Offering Dharma and the Four Means—Extinguishing (calamities), Increasing (good fortune), Beseeching (joy), and Killing (demons)* (息誅懷增)—in the Tibetan esoteric Buddhism, as well as the Water and Land Dharma Assembly in the exoteric Buddhism are the arrays to save living beings and subdue demons. It is just that their powers are too weak to be manifest in any tangible or real form on the spot. Additionally, many high monks and greatly virtuous ones of later generations did not learn the dharmas in their entirety and henceforth could not inherit the dharmas completely.

Buddhist arrays are used to help living beings, benefit living beings, saving living beings, and eliminating demons and evil. Only true Arahats and Bodhisattvas who have certain levels of powers can penetrate these arrays. In particular, the Vajra Array will never harm an Arahat or Bodhisattva, albeit extremely ferocious, unless that Arahat or Bodhisattva falsifies or inflates their level, in which case they will be punished by the array.

To be careful, we asked a Three-Star Sumita Wheel holy and virtuous person to experience the array. No sooner had we gone into the gate of the array with him, than we felt a force coming at us from nowhere that was going to disintegrate the four great elements in us. The force went right inside the body of every one of us. It was so strong that the holy and virtuous person could not stand it. With our assistance, he ran out of the array in a flurry. He kept shaking his head and said: “I cannot go into this array! It is too ferocious! The entire space in the array was filled with a great force. It is too wondrous! There was nothing when you looked at it. The force was not on the ground but in the space. It seemed to be dissolving me!”

He then reported the situation to H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III very severely criticized us and said: “What are you guys doing! Playing tricks?” We explained to the Buddha that this array would never harm living beings. So, we went with the Buddha into the array. To our disbelief, just as H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III took the first step into the gate, all the force of the Vajra Array which had been initiated suddenly disappeared completely, including the disintegrating force that had already been applied to the ushering holy and virtuous ones who went in ahead of us. What baffled us was the Buddha had not come to break the array specifically. The Buddha was telling us that we must abstain from all bad deeds and do all good deeds, that we must not err on the law of causality and must not violate our precepts. The Buddha was saying that a rinpoche was now facing sickness, pain, and death, because he had evil views and understanding, and as such, he could not change the karmic retributions he was getting. The Buddha was just saying all these things when the force of the Vajra Array suddenly disappeared. We saw that the Buddha had just got inside the gate of the array. That was very strange, it was unprecedented! Albeit extremely powerful, this array became a powerless and empty formation in front of the Buddha!

We were very shocked. So, we beseeched the Buddha to impart the Dharma and expound the reason why the force of the array, which had been initiated, suddenly disappeared the moment the Buddha went in. The Buddha said: “Don’t be mysterious! I never saw anything in there. Of course, I know I am a humbled cultivator, maybe I do not even qualify to see it. It is fine if I cannot see it. I am not curious. I still say the same thing: What I want is cultivation.”

However, we must say our array formation is truly existent. Its ability to select the holy and virtuous ones or to distinguish the true Arahats and Bodhisattvas from the fake ones is indeed precise beyond compare. To achieve safe and precise test results, we can only rely on a little bit of power from the array formation to examine the validity and level of the holy gurus. We know it well that living beings are our family. We do not have a sliver of mindset to scare or harm them. We only have the conduct to help Buddhist disciples to guard themselves against being cheated by the evil. It will naturally frighten the evil masters and the lying masters. They will be too scared to go into the test site, and Buddhist disciples can then see their ugly true face for not daring to take the test.

The Adamantine Seal in the Vajra Array is completely out of the league of the fabled and inane Heaven-tumbling Seal, which is as trivial and tiny as a dirtball. From the surface, the Adamantine Seal is the fundamental seal of Ucchuṣma Vajra (穢跡金剛), a transformation of Shakyamuni Buddha, but, on the seal, there are eight great vajra pestles. Therefore, this seal is also called the Invincible Vajra Seal, for it combines the powers of Supreme Peace and Joy White Vajra* (無上安樂白金剛), Kalachakra Vajra (時輪金剛), Vajra Kilaya (or Dorje Phurba, 普巴金剛), Yamantaka Vajra (大威德金剛), Maha Heruka Vajra (大赫魯嘎金剛), Aparājita Vajra (無能勝金剛), Heaven-Covering Vajra* (蓋天金剛), and Hayagrīva Vajra (馬頭金剛). It is invincible throughout the Dharmadhatu!

We at the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters discussed it together with Wangzha Shangzun and thought it through repeatedly. We are worried that if we did not adopt the last part of the test and have no Buddha or Bodhisattva to validate the test, then what difference would there be from the test for a Geshi or a postdoc in Buddhism? If that were the case, then, as usual, there would emerge Buddhism researchers who have no substance, sutra blabbers, pretentious Zen practitioners, and even unprincipled liars or false holy beings to harm people and wreck the world. The meaning of the test would be defeated.

Because the first three parts of the test are overseen by humans after all, if we cannot revert to the holy test at the end to distinguish between true and false, if we do not give it to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to decide, then the result cannot be certain. If there should be any favoritism played, then false holy ones would be selected, and the purpose of protecting living beings and benefiting Buddhist cultivators would be lost. Only the test in the fourth part cannot be falsified by man; the holy guru presiding over that part is only responsible for implementing the ritual and declare the meaning and is not responsible for applying the dharma or monitoring the process. Applying the dharma or monitoring the process is done by the Yidam, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and executive Dharmapalas in the space, who takes the full responsibility of causality by themselves.

In the Rituals of Beseeched Vinaya Articles to be Applied in the Holy Test, it is clearly stated that the presiding guru over the holy test must declare onsite publicly: “…if the Dharmapalas in the space who enforce the dharma rules of the test should play favoritism, then you the Dharmapalas shall take all the causal consequences yourselves. This presiding master has only shallow dharma powers. Therefore, I am only here to implement the ritual and declare the meaning of the dharma. I do not take any causal responsibility.” Therefore, you can tell this holy test does not have a bit of possibility for a man to play favoritism. Everything is showing as a result of a cause, following the strict and fair enforcement by the Yidam, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and the executing Dharmapalas. This fourth part of the test—the holy test—is the most precise, final, and definitive, but it still cannot guarantee the holy guru who has passed the test would regress to an ordinary one or not in his or her practice in the future. History has shown that many holy gurus did regress to ordinary people because their views and understanding were not correct and they violated the precepts.

Although the Samsara Eight-wind Array and the Vajra Array set up for the holy test are powerful beyond compare, we will allow a door of escape to allow the candidate who gets trapped in the array to get out. The Eight-wind Array has eight levels, but we have decided to only set up the array at the first level. The Vajra Array for validating one’s reincarnated status from an Arahat or a Bodhisattva is powerful without parallel, where the Adamantine Seal in the array will fly in the air and then press down on a candidate who falsifies the test document. It will also suddenly emit the power to disintegrate the four great elements of the candidate’s body. An evil demon will be pressed into body powders right there and then. However, to an Arahat or Bodhisattva who has authentic status and has truthfully filled out the test document, they will feel moving Mt. Taishan is as easy as moving a plate.

For safety, we will only set up one-thousandth of the full power in the Vajra Array, just so we can show its extremely ferocious holy power and validate the candidate’s truthfulness with it. The Adamantine Seal in the Vajra Array is not an empty fabled story like the Heaven-tumbling Seal in Feng Shen Bang. It is tangible, true, and without falsity. If a holy and virtuous person of Blue Button Level 3 wants to explore if they have already belonged to the fruit level of the Gold Button Arahat, they can also go take the test in the array and experience the one-thousandth of the Vajra Array power.

These two Buddhist arrays not only can achieve the goal to select holy gurus accurately but also let candidates experience in person the real form of the powerful true Buddha Dharma. It also lets candidates receive lessons safely to assist their advancement. Those individuals, who regard themselves pompously or who deludedly fake to be holy, will correct their wrongs to become right. They can completely shed the evil speech and conduct of pretending to be a Bodhisattva. It allows them to voluntarily correct themselves from within their mind, and truly vow to bring benefit and joy to people. Even if they still cannot benefit living beings obligatorily without receiving any offering like the way H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III does, at least they will no longer cheat people on purpose. Only so can they shoulder the Buddhist undertakings that are based on great compassion to benefit living beings.


One thing we need to especially tell test candidates is, even though there are four major categories in the test and also many items under each category, a candidate can either select just one of the four categories or one item in one of the categories. The candidate can also select to be tested on all four categories at once, or each of the four categories independently, or each item in each category independently. Each time an item or a category is tested, the score is separately recorded. As such, the level that a candidate can reach in each item of each category may be different. There could even be some items where the candidate scores zero points. To broadly propagate Buddhist work to bring benefit and joy to people, we will select holy and virtuous ones with the least restrictive condition within the scope of our principles and confer the candidate with a certificate that has the holiness level based on the item that the candidate scores the highest points, rather than averaging all the scores to arrive at a level. The other items where the candidate scored relatively badly will only be provided for reference so that the candidate can acknowledge it and learn the lesson of which items they are still weak in and need to further their efforts of practice. Additionally, If Buddhists want to understand some master’s level, you must not only look at the dharma attire and the buttons they wear. As you examine their buttons, you must check which item and which category they were tested on as well. The great majority of the Buddhist masters in the world nowadays do not understand Sutra teachings or Sastra learning; their cultivation and moral ethics are very bad too. But some of them can still pass the test for the holiness status. The major reason is some Dharmas are very significant, like what is transmitted in the State-practice Initiation, including the Lion’s Roar Avalokiteshvara (獅吼觀音), Kalachakra Vajra Change-Body Dhyana (時輪金剛換體禪), or the Xianliang Great Perfection (現量大圓滿), in which as long as one can attain the Generation Stage, one can pass the test for at least Blue Button Level 2. Also like the Heaven-covering Vajra Dharma, as long as one learns the Dharma in a State-practice Initiation and has one’s crown opened, one can pass the test for Blue Button Level 2 at the minimum.

Therefore, we must understand which category and which item the master was tested on. We must know clearly that based on which Dharma or what practice they passed the test. What are their weak points? We need to check from the test document they submitted. When submitting the test document, the test candidate themselves usually dare not write the wrong thing, because they know they will not pass even the lowest level if they do that. They must write down which item in which category they want to be tested on. That is very important. They dare not write it randomly. No matter how crazy and improper a master is, although they can brag and bluff in the usual time, they know clearly that they cannot wrongfully claim they have realized a certain level while in fact, they have not. Because if they should say false things and lie to the Yidam of the test, i.e., Mahamayuri Vidyarajni Tathagata and the great holy Dharmapalas, they will for sure fail the test and be engulfed in the Samsara Eight-wind Array. Therefore, evil masters and liars dare not even enter the test site.

The specific item in which one was tested for matters, because for two people wearing the same buttoned dharma attire, there may be a great difference between their accomplishments. For example, among the holy and virtuous ones who have passed the test for the same Blue Button Level 2, some were tested on Dharma Power and Capabilities, some were tested on Keeping their Practice and Moral Ethics, some were tested on Sutra Teaching and Sastra Learning, some were tested on Correct and Pure Understanding and Views, and some were tested on the ground of respectfully worshiping Buddha, building Buddhist temples, copying and printing Buddhist sutras, or propagating true Buddha Dharma. There are many detailed items. They are all different applications and effects of Blue Button Level 2.

Do not worry, Buddhists. There is no concern about saving face at the test time. You must understand it clearly. Other than a Buddha, an Equal Enlightenment Bodhisattva, or a Marvelous Enlightenment Bodhisattva, no matter what great holy guru one may be, there is not a bit of possibility one could pass the test in all four major categories perfectly. If one could pass the test in all four categories with perfect scores, then one must be an Equal Enlightenment Bodhisattva or a Marvelous Enlightenment Bodhisattva of 5-Star Sun-Moon Wheel (i.e. Gold Button Level 5)! But that is not possible to happen.

At the time of the test, the candidate can also choose not to be tested on the four major categories but write on the test document directly: “I am the reincarnation of this-or-that Rinpoche.” This is to validate the determining of one’s true status, but the premise is that this reincarnated person must be in the holy guru class.

One can also write: “I am an Arahat,” or “I am a Bodhisattva,” but that is quite risky. Because to be tested as a true reincarnation of an Arahat or a Bodhisattva, one must first penetrate the Vajra Array. After that, penetrating the Eight-wind Array would be as easy as pie.

To be tested for the regular holy and virtuous status, if one has submitted an untruthful test document, then one will be engulfed in the Samsara Eight-wind Array to have one’s true form as an ordinary person revealed. More seriously, one who is to be tested in the Vajra Array must go into the array in person. If the candidate going into the array does not have the true status as an Arahat or a Bodhisattva but pretends to be one, then the Adamantine Seal will come pressing down on the candidate, who will then have their true colors revealed, be disgraced and end up in misery! A true Arahat or Bodhisattva, on the other hand, can penetrate the array easily and advance for certain into the Holy Guru level of 1-Star Sun-Moon Wheel, or Gold Button Level 1. A reincarnated Arahat or Bodhisattva can also bypass the Vajra Array and have their status validated through the holy determination by Vajra Faman Initiation.

There are very many rinpoches, dharma kings, venerables, dharma masters, acaryas, or laymen who brag about certain lineage and put on airs as a grandiose holy being but are ordinary people and liars. They fake to be holy with ordinary, they deceive people in every way for their gain in money and sex and make living beings miserable. These people cannot even understand sutra teachings or expound anything clearly, let alone have holy realization power.

To help Buddhists not to fall prey to the deceit by these people or be harmed by them, we remind you once again. You must remember, no matter how fancily that master or their disciples talk about it, or even show some mysterious and heretic magic to arm themselves as a great holy being, you must not believe them. You must base your judgment on their dharma attire that indicates their level. If they do not have dharma wear but call themselves as a holy being normally, then it says that person is a fake and a cheat, because they dare not even go to the test site to show the real thing. Besides looking at their dharma attire, what is more important for Buddhists is, you must clarify which item the master was tested on and what their strong suit and weak suit are. That way you can tell what kind of virtue and capability this person has, and whether they are real or fake. The United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters keeps the onsite video recording of every candidate when they are reading their test document at the test site. People can apply to look up the video to understand which item and category the master was tested on for you to decide whether to rely on them or not.

We at the United International World Buddhism Headquarters feel extremely sad when we see the evil masters are rampant and living beings are cheated. We can only perform true Tathagata Dharma to test the masters to see whether they are true or not, whether they are truly holy gurus or fake ones, what their levels are in Dharma powers and realization capabilities, to validate them for living beings, to obligatorily service Buddhist disciples by doing the checking, and to help prevent Buddhist cultivators from being deceived. Please note, only the holy gurus that are tested and selected by way of the Rituals of Beseeched Vinaya Articles to be Applied in the Holy Test are real holy gurus. Only they are whom you can rely on.

Below, a verse is quoted from the Rituals of Beseeched Vinaya Articles to be Applied in the Holy Test for you to use as a guide to help your practice in the correct path:

Buddhists must be cautious in choosing whom you rely on
Many crazy impostors pretending to be holy use you as a pawn
You must clarify, whether it is true or false, in their stories
To register for the holiness levels test, there are four categories

In each category, there are many an item
You must see which test is chosen by them
Day after day, they pose as a great divine being
Which tests they can pass, we will now be seeing

A master who regularly loves to brag or bluff
Now shows their true color that is nothing but fluff
Real gold never fears being smelted in fire
Having entered the test site, they must reveal themselves entire

It is only the truth what we see today
Inflating themselves daily is just a cheating play
Their levels have now been clearly revealed,
With their robe wears buttoned and wheeled

Do not be near what is heretic and mysterious
Liars, witches are evil and deleterious
Buddhist disciples, use prudence as your condition
Never should you believe in feudal superstition

A master must emphasize penetrating the Bodhi gate
Altruism and benefiting others are what is great

United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters

June 10, 2015

Translator’s Note:
* English name of the term needs further confirmation
*2 Feng Shen Bang: It is a Chinese novel about ancient wars among humans, celestial beings, and ghosts

(English translation by Zunba)