WBAH Announcement No. 20150105: The Difference Is Huge Even Though the Level Is the Same

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For people who have obtained the same level from the test, are their levels of merit and Dharma capabilities all equal? Many people came to ask the United International World Buddhism Association this question. They think Level 2 is higher than Level 1, and Level 3 is higher than Level 2. In fact, there is a gray area in there.

You may think one who has the ability to apply power externally must be a great holy being, but actually that person may be totally clueless about Buddhism. Normally, a person must have attained Level 3 in realization power and capability before that person can wield power externally, but there are exceptions too. People who in a previous lifetime had attained good roots of a higher level than their realization level in this lifetime, who regressed from Level 3 to Level 2 due to their practice in this lifetime, could possibly generate the ability to apply power externally as well.

If someone attained Level 3 by testing on sutra teachings or practicing moral ethics, since he or she has not attained Level 3 through the testing on dharma power, they will not be able to wield external power either. However, a Level 3 attained through practicing moral ethics, Sutra teaching, and Sastra learning, or correct understanding and views do have more merits and the quality of good roots than a Level 3 attained through testing on realization capabilities and power.

There is a kind of person who is pretty bad in the categories of realization capabilities and power, sutra teachings and Sastra learning, and the correct vs. evil views and understanding. You can say they don’t understand it at all and are totally clueless. But unbelievably, they passed the test for Blue Button Level 2 or even Level 3. Why is that? It is because they have received the initiation of some great Dharma which enables them to attain the Completion Stage without practicing. If it is a State-practice Initiation, the disciple can enter the Generation Stage at the time of learning the Dharma. Because that great Dharma has strong innate empowerment, the disciple can immediately have the status of Blue Button Level 2 or Level 3. That is the effect of this ritual Dharma being learned and has nothing to do with that disciple’s weakness in Dharma practice or lack of knowledge. Due to this reason, you must see which quality one is based on to pass the test for the level.

A Dharma impartation by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III has a lot of meaning. The Buddha says: “some of you who hold the holiness levels certificates are not even qualified to get shoes for the high monks or great virtuous ones in ancient times. To say it bluntly, some so-called holy and virtuous ones are much worse than even those people in society who do not learn from Buddha!” The Buddha’s words are penetrating and incisive. Therefore, in our test for holiness levels this time, we have separate items of the test. Otherwise, if someone passes a test level and wears the holiness attire, all of their shortcomings, even their evil understanding and views are covered up. If we determine someone’s level of holiness purely based on their Blue Button levels, we could run a risk of mistaking a clueless person for a remarkable holy being. Of course, the Sun-moon Wheel Gold Button Great Holy Gurus, who attained their status through the holy determination by Vajra Faman initiation or by way of Vajra Array, are authentic and genuine.

Up to this point, none of those who are accepting a huge number of disciples and promoting dharma publicly has obtained the Gold Button level. If you do not have a substantive faculty inherited from previous lifetimes as well as the practice in accord with Dharma rules in this lifetime, getting the Gold Button level would be harder than reaching heaven! Although Gold Button level holy gurus are extremely rare, they must also practice cultivation according to the Dharma rules, because except for the great holy gurus of Gold Button Level 3 and above, everyone has not yet realized the non-retrograde status.

After this public announcement is issued, you must carefully observe it. We believe that some individual masters who hold the holiness level certificate will be happy when they see the first part of this public announcement. They may think it gives them a way out. They will tell their disciples that it is not important to take the test of holiness levels and they want no part in it. These kinds of people are either crooks or they have regressed to the ordinary. Their purpose is to be able to cheat Buddhist cultivators by feigning as Bodhisattvas or great Bodhisattvas more easily without the holiness status. We tell Buddhist disciples clearly and precisely today, that this kind of people is total cheats and evil people without a doubt! Because their cultivation is bad, they have regressed from the holy to the ordinary. They already have lost the Dharma capabilities for the test and dare not throw their scrap metal into the furnace. They are frightened to death!

United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters

June 15, 2015

(Translated by Zunba)