WBAH Announcement No. 20150111

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There are some people who have earned very practical merits but the levels which they attained from the holy test are not high. This kind of situation does totally exist, and moreover, it happens at quite a high percentage. Even though from the surface, those people look as if having done very practical Buddhist undertakings, their motivations must be questioned. For example, some folks have set up many Dharma-listening centers to propagate the Dharma voice of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. They indeed have done incalculable work of merits. But, at the same time as they are planting merits, they are violating the precepts by copying the audio recordings of the Dharma discourses, randomly and erroneously talking about the meanings of Dharma, mixing the learning with some outside books that have evil views or non-Buddhist thoughts, or carelessly giving teachings by themselves, or even deceiving Buddhist disciples in the name of propagating Dharma. As such, they have induced all kinds of black karma, which will then overtake the good deeds and merits they have done. Such masters will not even attain the first level from the holy test. For another example, some people look as if they were doing Buddhist work on a grand scale, including promoting Buddha Dharma, praising Buddha Dharma, protecting Buddha Dharma, being righteous, and working for the well-beings of people, but in fact they are completely running the operation in the name of propagating Dharma to make their own profits surreptitiously. Such kind of masters can never attain a good result from the holy test.

For another example, there are people who are very well-versed in sutras, treatises, and learnings, but they hold an evil or partial view on certain treatise or certain dharma. Because of it, they can’t attain a good level from the holy test. For another example, some people bully other Buddhist disciples who are weak and small. They are conceited and think they are the boss. Even though on the one hand they are doing Buddhist work, on the other hand, they don’t have the words and deeds of a Buddhist and as such, they don’t deserve any level from the holy test.

For another example, having been victorious in a Dharma power competition though applying their holy capabilities, some people start to show arrogance and self-conceit in their words, deeds, and mind. Their conduct is full of ordinary people’s hindrances. Such kind of masters also won’t attain good test results.

On the contrary, if every good deed done, every Buddhist task undertaken, and every practice kept are based on the act of benefiting others, a compassionate mind towards others, and with sincerity and piousness to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, then a good level from the holy test is for sure to be achieved. If you have the holy mind of bodhi that is great loving-kindness and great compassion, if you rigorously keep precepts, if you treat others as if they are your parents and family members, and if your cultivation is true rather than empty, then you are undoubtedly guaranteed to attain a high level from the holy test!

Because the last part of the test is holy, it is not a test administered by humans. The test is impartial. No matter what kind of a cunning scheme the person taking the test delusively wants to use, that person cannot have their way because their scheme has no use at all. Only those who are honest and upright, who truly cultivate themselves and truly learn from Buddha, who truly do good deeds, who truly benefit others, who have true capabilities and true Dharma abilities and who do everything for benefiting living beings without any intention to avariciously seize fame and lucre for themselves can pass the gate of high levels in the holy test. Such Buddhists who learn from Buddha and cultivate themselves will not have any problem even if they take the test from the perspective of virtuous quality. As far as taking the test from the perspective of virtuous quality, the above-mentioned masters who discord with the Dharma have no hope of any kind at all, because one must have the holy capabilities and achievements from the totality of one’s deeds, words, and thoughts.

Once again, we call your attention. Other than the holiness level one attained in the test through the Vajra Array when taking the test on the basis of virtuous quality, if a person gets a Blue Button level on the basis of an item of virtue, you Buddhist practitioners must pay attention and examine based on which category and item of virtue that person took the test. The reason is for different items of virtue one takes the test on, the actual achievements from the test can be different accordingly. In other words, it is possible that two people who attain the same levels can have different levels of actual realization powers and virtuous capabilities. It is also possible that two people who have similar realization powers get different levels in the test.

As for attaining Gold Button Level 1 from the test, there are also what is resulted from taking the test on the basis of an item of virtue and that on the basis of virtuous quality. If one takes the test on the basis of virtuous quality, then one must go through the Vajra Array, in which one’s test result is firm and final. In that case, one must write a document and clearly state whether one’s fundamental nature is Gold Button Level 1, an Arahat, or a Bodhisattva. On the other hand, the test result on the basis of an item of virtue is firm and final in the Eight-wind Array, in which case the one taking the test does not write down what level one’s fundamental quality is. One only needs to write which category and item of virtue one’s test are based on before coming to take the test. If someone taking the test on the basis of a particular category and item of virtue is able to attain Blue Button Level 3, that someone can decide on the spot to stop the test for Gold Button Level 1 through the Eight-wind Array and instead to take it through the Vajra Array. One must state one’s desire to do so when one is registering for the test. For those who have not said it, they can do it now.

As for the venerables, dharma kings, great rinpoches, great dharma masters, and great laymen, whatever lineage a person may have, be it as strong as iron, from whatever sect it may be, their titles are empty and unreal because the titles are artificial and indefinite. Their titles cannot prove at all that just because they own these wonderful, fancy titles, they are great Bodhisattvas or holy beings. It doesn’t work that way at all. Being a great Bodhisattva or a holy being has nothing to do with titles, names, lineage, or positions. No matter what kind of status one has, to prove one is a true holy being, one must go through the holy test and prove oneself by attaining the corresponding level. Only by doing so can one’s fundamental quality be firm and the level one has attained be iron-clad. People can then see clearly how much weight one has, what the level and state of one’s accomplishment are, what one’s strong suit and weak suit are. Everything is laid above the table, 100% precise, for you to see clearly.

Other than the item of virtue a master takes the test on, for the other items of virtue that are not tested, the master may only get Blue Button Level 1 or Level 2, or no button at all. The master may go against Buddha’s teachings, rules, and ways of cultivation. In that case, you can use the 128 evil and erroneous views to examine that master, and you can tell whether the master is right or wrong, whether the master is impartial or not, and evil or not. On the other hand, a master who passed the test on the basis of virtuous quality has proven their overall quality in conduct, speech, and mind and hence does not have the same issue mentioned above. Don’t superstitiously follow and admire someone and think they are a great holy being just because of their outer title or status, lest you should be misled for live!

United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters

August 27, 2015

(Translation by Zunba)