WBAH Announcement No. 20150112

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If a candidate has passed Blue Button Level 3 in the final holy test, then that person is eligible for taking the test for Gold Button Level 1. But note that there are two ways to take the test for Gold Button. The first is to continue the test in the Samsara Eight-wind Array for Gold Button Level 1, the second is to stop the Eight-wind Array but separately go to the Vajra Array to take the test for Gold Button Level 1. However, anyone who is going to start the test with Vajra Array must note it at the time of registration. If someone chooses to continue the test for Gold Button Level 1 through the Eight-wind Array but cannot pass it, their Blue Button Level 3 status of accomplishment will be retained as usual and be given the certificate and the robe wear. However, if a person has already passed Gold Button Level 1 through the Eight-wind Array earlier and now takes the test for Gold Button Level 1 again through the Vajra Array but fails it in the Vajra Array, then his or her status of Gold Button Level 1 attained earlier in the Eight-wind Array does not exist anymore. It means that the person’s Gold Button Level 1 status is in an initial stage or the generation stage and cannot bear the pressure from the Vajra Array. Such a person who has attained Gold Button Level 1 through the Eight-wind Array earlier, without regards to his or her own abilities trying the test again through the Vajra Array, has committed the black karma of slighting the Yidam of the Eight-wind Array, which is not approved by the Vajras! In this case, the candidate will have to wait till the second year before having another opportunity to test the test through either the Eight-wind Array or the Vajra Array.

Additionally, pay special attention to this. Some people, when registering for the test, write that they are applying to take the test for Blue Button Level 2 or Blue Button Level 3, or they say they are applying to take the test for Sun-moon Wheel or Gold Button Level 1. They do not say on the registration the specific item of virtue chosen from the Four Major Categories that they are to be tested on. The Vajra and the Dharmapalas will then test the candidate on all four major categories at the final test, which will be much more than all the Sutras, Vinaya, Sastras, and Dharma rituals published in the public announcement 20150109. This kind of candidate will eventually get nothing but zero points and cannot even attain Blue Button Level 1. If the candidate already had a holy level certificate from before, then he or she will only get the result of regressing back to the ordinary. The reason is the level they received from several years ago was based on a specific item of virtue and not determined by the holy test. Therefore, it was not definitive!

United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters

August 30, 2015

(English translation by Zunba)