WBAH Announcement No. 20150117

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The United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters is rather serious about the test it gives to the masters and holy gurus. The test is held in a few steps. First, all candidates must take the written test on Buddhist theoretical knowledge. After having taken the written test, one can then proceed to the qualification check by Famen Gongyu. Those who have passed the check are given an eligibility certificate. Only when one has the eligibility certificate can one enter the test site for the holy test. After one finishes the final holy test, one will be given a guru qualification certificate and the robe wear indicating one’s level that matches the level one gets from the holy test. The height of a master’s accomplishment can only be told from the level the master gets!

Namo H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III says: “Grasping Buddhist theoretical knowledge is necessary for a Buddhist cultivator to obtain correct understanding and views and to attain accomplishment and liberation. Especially for those who are masters, they must be well versed in Sutra, Vinaya, and Sastra, otherwise they may mistake evil and strange arguments, as well as feudal superstition, for orthodox teachings. In today’s world, strange, violent, mystical, and chaotic evil views and understanding are rampantly misleading and deceiving people, occupying over 90% in the field of Buddhism. Therefore, the test on theory must be held. The test held by United International World Buddhism Association Headquarter this time is not to make things difficult with recondite Sutra, Vinaya, and Sastra for the masters and Buddhist cultivators who are taking the test but are questions on some basic, authentic Buddhist common knowledge. After the written test, those of you who are masters can have an elevated understanding and correct direction. You will know why you do not have the qualifications to give teachings on the scriptures, and how bad your levels are. Only in such a way can we minimize the problem of misleading Buddhist cultivators.” His Holiness Chang Buddha says: “I do not go for your holding the holy test with the arrays, but I quite approve of doing the questions on the theories in the written test.”

This Headquarters especially reminds you of this. After realizing that they must take the written test, some people who had been registered to take the holy test got panicked and asked to withdraw from the written test with all kinds of excuses. How strange that is! If you dare to call yourself a holy guru, why are you afraid of the written test? Actually, such conduct has unintentionally revealed the falsity nature of these people. They know very well they are faking as a holy guru, a Bodhisattva, or some female holy being, and inside they are really nothing but a clueless neophyte in Buddhist teachings and Buddha Dharma. They are doing nothing but cheating the disciples. Once they take the written test this time, then their true colors will be exposed, and they will no longer have an opportunity to cheat people in the world. They would rather not get the holiness level certificate than having their mask ripped apart. So, their best strategy is to evade the written test completely. Little do they know, all Buddhist disciples already know it well that a master who dares not even take the test must be a fake holy person and a fake master, they must be a liar!

Therefore, all Buddhist disciples must take caution. You must no longer follow anyone who has registered to take the test with the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters but withdrew from it, or who calls themselves a reincarnated holy being but dares not take the test. You must not be deceived by them anymore, because such a person is a liar!

This Headquarters received a letter from a Buddhist who says that their greatly treasured vajra master has the title as the reincarnation of a famous holy being whom everyone knows. We will not say whether that master is a male or a female. That master says to this Buddhist: “You know me the best. I have never treated you badly in all these years. It is only with this title as a reincarnated holy being that I am making a living. If I should go to take the written test on theories, I would for sure be finished. How will we develop our organization moving forward? I don’t want to get the holiness level certificate. You go and report to them that I ran into some trouble or an accident and I withdraw from the written test.” (The Buddhist says:) “I was quite shocked when I heard it. I felt sad. I used to work as hard as I could under his direction when I was promoting him. I had never thought he was such an impostor when faced with the test. How could that be the case for the reincarnated great holy being whom I had always respected and relied on? Therefore, here to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, I must deeply repent my sins of unknowingly helping the evil to make evil. I have decided to correct my bad and pursue the good and to truly cultivate myself. I beseech Namo H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III to take me as a disciple”

Actually, the scores from the written test this time will not be disclosed publicly. That has been decided by this Headquarters. The test candidates will not know one another’s score either. The goal of our United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters is to help these masters or the so-called holy beings and holy female deities to know how much they weigh themselves, whether they are the expert or the novice, and whether they are an ordinary man feigning as holy or a true holy guru!

We especially inform you once again that, if a person has not taken the written test, they can never receive the qualification from Famen Gongyu and will not get the qualification certificate. They will not be eligible for the holy test and henceforth cannot wear the robe that bears the buttons indicating their level. Anyone without the robe wear of the level buttons claiming to be a holy guru is a liar and a demon! A holy guru must possess holy realization powers. That is not something an ordinary person, a liar or a demon could fake!

The Great Rinpoche Wangzha Shangzun has decided that He will take out the Buddha bestowed Amrit which He respectfully obtained from the Tremendously Holy One and give a holy power demonstration and blessing. He will allow people to select one, two or three old people over 60 years of age who, after being blessed (by the Amrit) for ten to twenty minutes, will rejuvenate to the looks of 20 or 30 years of age. In order to more clearly see the contrast, one half of the face will be blessed first. In such a way, the sky-and-earth contrast between the side of the face being blessed and the side of the face not being blessed can be seen directly, and people can see on the spot what true Buddha Dharma is. True Buddha Dharma is not what impostors or liars could ever reach!

In fact, the effect and the phenomena of blessing are very closely related to one’s karma force and piety. You will understand it once you respectfully listen to the audio recording of the Dharma impartation titled “The Effect of Blessing” by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III.

Wangzha Shangzun said this is the second time in His life that He is doing something quite absurd like this. He knows well that it is sinful and unbearably vulgar, He also knows well that it will affect His own accomplishment. But to protect living beings and to edify evil masters so that they can correct their bad and pursue good, let it be sinful and vulgar one more time.

United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters

November 25, 2015

(English translation by Zunba)