WBAH Announcement No. 20160102: The Definitive Sense of the Level from the Test and the Robe that Indicate One’s Dharma Capability and Accomplishment

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To protect Buddhist disciples from falling prey to deceit and lies, the master whom Buddhist disciples prostrate to must have their status determined by way of the test to tell whether they are holy or ordinary, and what level of accomplishment they have attained. The test result is given per the Dharma rather than the person, and is based on the definitive meaning and not the provisional meaning. No matter how high the status a Buddhist holy person is, it only counts if they have taken the test. If they dare not take the test, then it proves that there are severe problems with that master, whom you must not trust even if their fame is higher than the sky.

Unless being determined by the exam, no matter what a venerable, dharma king, or a certified reincarnated rinpoche one professes to be is not trustable. Additionally, because a person can gain or recede according to whether their cultivation is good or bad before they have reached the stage of a non-retrograde Bodhisattva, whether they have the nirvana path-fruit (泥丸道果), has had their crown opened deep and wide via the Vajra Change-body Zen (金剛換體禪), can show the power from Tummo Samadhi (拙火三昧), can have their consciousness exit the body, or practices a Dharma to invite a Bodhisattva to manifest holiness and empower the disciples, their status is not one of accomplishment and is not definitive.

To confirm someone’s status and realization capability with 100% certainty, the Vajra Faman Selection Dharma (金剛法曼擇決), the Knowing in Advance and Foretelling Dharma (先知預言), or the Selection From One Hundred Dharma Bright Gates in Total Darkness Dharma (百法明門黑關擇決) must be performed to verify that master. Otherwise, that master must have passed the test through the Vajra Array or the Eight-wind Array to get the corresponding level and the robe.

Unless that master can prove themselves by showing the even higher Dharma ability to Establish Mandala Through A Stone Slab (隔石建壇), or by being able to perform the Holy Inner-tantric Initiation, where the disciple holds a Vajra Ball that is as big as a pea in their hand and the master stands five meters away from the disciple. The master practices the Dharma to make the Vajra Ball in the hands of the disciple go through a holy transformation or dance, any other miraculously manifest phenomenon is not a component of divine accomplishment. But to concretely tell the master’s level of capability, their level from the test and the robe must be checked for confirmation. Only then can their level of ability be known. The following are the details to definitively ascertain the real status of a master:

First, the people taking this year’s test to examine their actual Buddhist status must go through the one-hundred-problem written test on Sutra, Vinaya, and Sustra. Then they must be verified through Famen Gongyu (法門宮羽) to get the certificate of eligibility for the test before they can be qualified to take the holy test. If they can get the certificate of eligibility for the test, but their score from the written test is too low, they cannot take the holy test either.

There are two ways to take the holy test. The first is to write all your strong suits in one document and take one test on all of them. The second is to separately write your items and take a test on each one of them independently. Especially for Blue Button Level 3, which is an important and critical level before advancing up to the Gold Button level, there can be three different types of indication. If one gets Blue Button Level 3 in one test, then one can only get three blue buttons. If one retakes the test and gets Blue Button Level 3 again, then one will add a small black button in addition to the three blue buttons that one has already had. If one takes the test for the third time and gets Blue Button Level 3 again, then one adds yet another small black button. In that case, there will be three blue buttons and two small black buttons, totaling five buttons. The master is called Blue Button Level 3, having the status of the Runde.

If you still have more independent strong items that you would like to take the test on, in such a case, you cannot take the Blue Button test anymore. Instead, you will receive the advanced test for the Gold Button. You will then write all the items you have been tested on for the Blue Button Level 3 in one combined document and take the test for Gold Button Level 1 directly. If you fail to pass the Gold Button test, your previous Blue Button level will still be kept. If you pass the Gold Button test, then you will add one gold button to your robe, which maintains the original three blue buttons and two small black buttons, amounting to a total of six buttons. You will become a Holy and Virtuous One of Gold Button Level One.

If you see a master having only three blue buttons, it says that the master has only passed the test for Blue Button Level 3 once. If you see three blue buttons and an additional small black button, it says that the master has passed the test for Blue Button Level 3 twice on two separate items. If you see three blue buttons and two small black buttons, then it says that master has passed the test for Blue Button Level 3 three independent times, each on a different item. It is tough to obtain Blue Button Level 1 from the test. You may only be able to find one such person in two to three thousand Buddhist cultivators. Blue Button Level 2 is naturally higher than Blue Button Level 1, and all who have Blue Button Level 3 have the Runde status, which is extremely rare. It is hard to find one such person among one thousand masters or rinpoches. The Gold Button levels are the rarest among the rarest.

But all the masters taking the test must especially clearly understand that the headquarters has detailed records of everyone who comes to take the test for people to check. The Holy Test Inquiry Team will tell your test results factually to whoever is inquiring but will not expose your score from the written test on the Sutra, Vinaya, and Sustra. We will reply with how many times you have taken the test, and in each time which item you receive the test as well as what level you obtained, whether or not you were engulfed in the Samsara Black Region (輪迴黑界), whether you were unable to enter the Safe and Auspicious Region (平安吉界) that was right in front of you and fell to the ground or as soon as you had entered the Safe and Auspicious Region, you were pushed out of it by the eight winds, and whether you fell to the ground unconsciously and your flesh was hauled out by the four great guardians, but you recovered to safety by the master presiding over the mandala who practiced Dharma to save you.

Except for the robe a master wears, the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters also issue a Certificate of Level that corresponds to the attire to the master who has achieved the level. If you find that the level and the certificate don’t match, then the robe the master wears is an act of falsehood and lying.

Additionally, we solemnly inform you that this holy and virtuous team will guarantee, with holy and virtuous righteousness, to everyone who calls or emails to inquire with us. We will keep the secret for you and will not reveal which master you are inquiring about or have inquired about.

This public announcement is now published.

United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters

March 17, 2016

(Translated by Zunba)