WBAH Announcement No. 20160111: Important Reminder

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The book Learning From Buddha is a precious treasure for attaining liberation and accomplishment. After its publishing, many selfless and kind people who genuinely learn from Buddha, as well as many masters who practice true Buddha Dharma, have placed their orders for it. There, however, are some masters who pretend as if they knew nothing about this book and have not ordered this extremely precious Buddhist book. Why is that? To understand it, we must first understand the purpose of the Dharma, which H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III imparted in this book is.

This Buddhist book is to teach people to learn to be a good and kind person, then from being a kind and selfless person to advance to be a real Buddhist and a qualified cultivator, and then from a Buddhist cultivator to become a holy person! But for an evil person, that book is just like a mirror that reveals the evilness in them. A wicked master would get so scared when they read it. They are afraid that their disciples, as they see the book, would be so happy that they start ordering the book, promoting the book, and even distributing the book to people. But although those cheating masters and evil masters may be quite cunning, they have neglected the fact they are a fox who cannot cover their tail. The extremely precious Buddhist book will, for sure, propagate throughout the world, so how could it be concealed!

Buddhist disciples, if your master does not actively promote this treasure book, if they do not support it with all their might, and if their words and deeds do not match with this treasure book, then when you read this Buddhist book and check your master against it, you can realize why the master does not order this Buddhist book. You will know whether this master is a cheat, an evil person, or a master of true Buddha Dharma.

On the first page of this Buddhist book, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III says: “You remember this. The Dharma discourse: Learning From Buddha, which I impart to you today, will be published in a book. From now on, anyone who wants to come and receive a Dharma transmission and Initiation from me must have this book with them. I will not transmit the Dharma or give the initiation to the people who have not studied the book. When you come to see me, someone will first interview you and check if you have brought the book with you. If you don’t have the book or haven’t studied the book seriously, I will not see you.

My disciples, should a master not bring this book with them, then that master is a cheat who does not learn what is right. Anyone who had taken refuge with that master must leave at once! Otherwise, you will for sure be contaminated by sinful karma. Why? Because it means the master is irresponsible for living beings and does not practice the correct ways. He or she only wants to be a cheat to hurt Buddhist disciples. I can say for sure that the master must set up all sorts of rules for his or her followers, and these rules must be based on fragmented paragraphs and distorted meanings taken from the sutras. They must have changed the sutra teachings erroneously, their lessons must be full of errors and in violation of the Buddhist teachings and precepts and are filled with evil. Such a master is either an evil person or a cheat one hundred percent! No matter who they professed to be reincarnated from, however high their status is—may it even be a venerable, a great dharma king, a great rinpoche, or a great dharma master, they are nothing but an evil man under the cloak of a master’s robe.”

Please pay attention. No matter who you are and whatever the matter it is, if you want to formally visit H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III but don’t read this book, then you will be rejected at the first interview. In that case, how would it be possible for you to be qualified to be received by the Buddha? If you cannot even enter the door, you can forget about getting a Dharma transmission and initiation by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III!

United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters
October 12, 2016

(English translation by Zunba)