WBAH Special Announcement: We Hope You Forward this Special Announcement to Each Other. You Will Earn Boundless Merits

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Through the written test given to those who are masters and Buddhist cultivators in the past two years, we have found in practice that 98% of those masters with the title of venerable, dharma king, great rinpoche or Dharma master had scored lower than 60 points in their written test on Sutra, Vinaya and Sastra. Some dharma kings and rinpoches only scored 20 some points.

Wangzha Shangzun said: “I have always held the opinion that many dharma kings, great rinpoches, Khenpos, dharma masters, and laymen who authored books adopt evil views that are seriously violating the sutras and the teachings.”

“My benevolent master, His Holiness Chang Buddha, said to me: ‘Your opinion is somewhat reasonable but is not complete. Those masters who listen to my Dharma impartation are not any better! Most of them are not practicing true cultivation and have not followed my teaching according to the rules of Dharma in their practice.’”

“It looks now that these dharma kings, rinpoches, and dharma masters who listen to the Dharma impartation by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III are indeed like what Buddha Master said. Few of them have followed the teachings of Dharma by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III to truthfully practice and learn. They have not even obtained 20 or 30 % of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III’s teaching of the meaning of Dharma. Although on the whole, they look slightly better than those dharma kings, rinpoches, dharma masters, or laymen who haven’t listened to the Dharma voice of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, they still are not quite well versed in Sutra, Vinaya, and Sastra or Buddha Dharma. With such a level of understanding about Buddha Dharma, these people make the Headquarters worry that they would mislead living beings.”

Considering this, the Headquarters immediately conducted a survey. We found several very renowned masters in the world not only carelessly and erroneously give speeches about Dharma, but they also borrow phrases from the Sutras, Vinaya, and Sastras and distort the meanings from fragmented paragraphs. They mix in their evil views and create new sentences. They carelessly and erroneously compile rules about cultivation, practicing Dharma, returning merit, making vows, and keeping precepts. They ask their disciples to follow their orders and learn with falsified and fake rituals or Buddha dharmas. In this way, they control their disciples and make them loyal. They take in the offering money under the excuse of building temples or viharas. Little do they know that there could be unlimited merits, or there could be infinite sinful karma when building temples or viharas. Is the money you offered used for a place that is presided over by a great holy being or an evil master who has violated the precepts? Is that master of yours a real holy person? What levels and what kind of buttons of holiness do they have?”

“I tell Buddhist cultivators clearly. According to what I know for sure, the temples that can truly grow unlimited merits for people are the Ancient Buddha Temple and the Holy Miracles Temple, which the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters is going to build. They are completely different from any other temples, and the difference is like heaven and earth, or even the heavens and the bad realms. Perhaps you want to ask why it is so strange. It is because the Ancient Buddha Temple will respectfully beseech H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III to preside over it. No master has the merit power to even touch its scope.”

Wangzha Shangzun said: “I, Wangzha, don’t even have the qualification to preside over this temple which has infinite merits. I could only touch its sides slightly. To donate to these two temples is to truly create merits for yourselves. For the other temples, it will have to depend on the level of the person presiding over it and whether their knowledge and views are good or evil, whether they have merits or not, and how much merit or sinful karma do they have. If you donate to the wrong place, not only do you not have any merit but also, there will be bad karma coming to you.”

“These neophytes mentioned above have committed errors and sinful karma of various degrees with their evil knowledge and views that violate the sutras and betray the teachings. Some have committed lesser errors, although they feign as holy beings intentionally or unintentionally but not to the extent of becoming evil demons. But some others are completely evil masters toe, who hurt the disciples and take everyone to the three lower realms. The Headquarters has warned over and again that masters who have not reached Gold Button Level 3, which is the status of a great holy being (i.e., great holy being of the patriarch class), have no qualifications to come up with materials about Buddha Dharma. How could it be that they have any qualifications to compile and change the dharma manuals randomly for learning and practicing Buddha Dharma! If they do not know much about Sutra, Vinaya, and Sastra, they must be full of erroneous and evil arguments. Not to mention the stuff they write by themselves has no authentic lineage transmission, and hence no empowerment of transmission siddhi. The disciples who follow these evil masters to learn and practice that stuff will certainly mire themselves in bad karma!”

We publish this special announcement now. We hope all Buddhist cultivators to quickly send to the Headquarters those learning manuals and the text for reading and chanting, which your masters have transmitted to you. We will examine them to make sure they are true and authentic Buddhism and to prevent you from being harmed. It has been thoroughly proven now, through the holy test, that 98% of the people are still lingering outside the gates of Buddha Dharma, Buddhist Teachings, and the study of Buddhism. It’s unbelievable that those who have not yet reached the Dharma gate dare to boldly change the transmitted dharma manuals against all rules. They have truly committed grave black karma!

If your master does not let you submit the material that they have taught you to be examined by the Headquarters, or if you are worried because you do not dare to violate a vow in which you have sworn to be loyal to them, then you should very soberly think about an issue of principle. If your master is the Mara King, an evil spirit, a mountain ghost (山精), a river monster (水怪), or a monstrous ghost of blood light* (血光厲鬼), and you insist in being loyal to them because of a vow you have made, then what you will eventually get is the karmic retribution of the three lower realms for sure. Therefore, you must not keep the vows you have made to the evil. Instead, you must repent at once. You must correct your wrong and follow the good.”

Whether your master is good or evil must be observed based on the levels they got from the holy test and the 128 understanding and views which the Buddha imparted. Then, you can know what kind of person they are. Or you can submit the dharma manuals you are learning to be determined by the holy test.  You can see on the spot whether they are good or evil. Only doing so can Buddhist disciples be safe and be able to walk on the correct path. Otherwise, they will be forever miserable.

A few masters have submitted the evil and erroneous materials they had written before they saw the public announcement so far. That is worth praising because it says they know they had erred, and they can proactively repent themselves. If one can correct oneself, then one is good and can be forgiven. We wish to inform all the masters who read this public announcement if you have not realized Gold Button Level 3 as a great holy being. If you have wrongfully changed Sutra, Vinaya, and Sastra, or if you have taken fragmented parts from Tripitaka and edited manuals for learning and practicing that have no lineage of transmission, you must sincerely repent yourself at once. You must inform those whom you have taught to stop learning and practicing your wrongfully changed manual, and send the information to Headquarters immediately. After Wangzha Shangzun makes the corrections to your original erroneous and sinful material, The corrected manual will be given to you to disseminate to your people for them to learn again. (There are, of course, unified lineage rituals, but they require to be transmitted after an Initiation is given.)

Shangzun said: “My benevolent master, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, taught us: ‘There are two types of people in this world. One has self-awareness, the other likes to outsmart themselves. The former abides by the principle of doing all good deeds and abstaining from all bad deeds. They know what they should do and shouldn’t do so that they don’t violate the law of causality. The latter is selfish and self-centered. They plan to do things of bad karma, and they deceive people with lies. They think they could avoid being found out, be in the end their foxtail cannot be concealed because what is fake is fake. The ancient proverb says, if you don’t want others to know, you’d better not do it.”

“To those masters who violate precepts and deceive people, you must know that the bad things you have done cannot be concealed. Even if you keep some people from submitting the materials, there are still others who will turn in the learning and practicing manual, which you give them, to seek validation. At that time, your outcome will be miserable because it is the law of cause and effect. If it comes down to that, I will publish the original text of your evil arguments to the public.”

“To those masters who come up with careless and wrong materials, are you willing to proactively submit your material to be checked, or are you willing to continue hurting and deceiving people until the day you are uncovered in public? If it comes down to that, then H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III cannot save you, and Namo Shakyamuni Buddha cannot save you either. I, Wangzha, who is a humbled monk, will not save you at all, because I must protect true Buddha Dharma, clear out evil arguments, benefit Buddhist cultivators and the public, and educate evil masters and liars.”

“You must also note that if you submit the material proactively, I will correct it for you. Afterward, I will not name your name to criticize you. But if you repeat it in the future, if you step back on the evil path again, if you come up with a careless and wrong argument or material to deceive people, there will be no change of forgiveness anymore.”

United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters

December 11, 2016

(English translation by Zunba)