WBAH Announcement No. 20170102

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Through holding the One-Hundred-Question Written Test on Tripitaka and the Holy Test, this Headquarters has certified gurus of seven different levels for Buddhist cultivators who learns from Buddha all over the world. It is a significant achievement that we are differentiating the levels of guru qualifications on behalf of Buddhists. As such, we have made another milestone in Buddhist history.

H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III says: “The qualified gurus you Headquarters has examined and certified based on good deeds are not necessarily achievers of Dharma abilities in essence. Whether a master is good or bad, correct or evil, should be broadly evaluated from their virtue, deeds, Sutra teaching, and ability from their practice. Even those Buddhist cultivators who have done good deeds could hold erroneous and evil views and understanding. Such phenomena are there. If they hold erroneous or evil views but do not correct themselves, then they are evil people. On the other hand, if they correct themselves immediately after realizing their mistakes, that says they are cultivating themselves. Anyway, it is good as long as they do all good deeds and refrain from doing all that is bad.”

Indeed. We see that some people who could not pass the exams for a certain level are faking to have passed the test and obtained the degree as they conduct cheats. Then there are certain masters, who have only achieved Blue-button levels, coming up with excuses not to wear their level indicators on their clothes properly. These people strongly exhibit ordinary people’s mundane quality of saving face and are not gurus with virtues and abilities at all. They fear their disciples would look down upon them. They have exposed their nature of cheaters and evil masters!

How can there be cheaters and evil masters among the masters who have obtained high levels in the holy test? Is that self-contradictory? No, not at all! That is due to the rules and regulations of the holy test. The holy test mandates the Vajra Formation (or Vajra Array) is only used to test a reincarnated holy being or one who has holy capabilities. Fundamentally, regular people dare not to take that test. Some people entered the test site and saw the miserable conditions of those who went to take the test. They then argued that they didn’t have enough capability and asked to withdraw from the test on the spot.

But the Eight-wind Formation (or Eight-wind Array) is different. One can request to take the test on just a single item of strong suit. It is like a champion of one sport cannot be a champion of many different types of sport. A swimming champion may not have the ability to be an archery champion, and an archery champion may not have the ability to be a weightlifting champion, etc. They are champions in their respective areas of expertise. The Eight-wind Formation of the holy test is such too. It is not a test for everything.

The issue patently exists in the ritual text that some famous masters, who reached certain levels in the holy test, give their disciples to learn and practice. Those who are masters, waving a Buddhist lineage banner of Namo Sakyamuni Buddha and H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, go in the opposite direction behind the scene. They change the Dharma based on their fragmented understanding of the sutras, randomly write treatises of evil views that violate Buddha’s teachings, and edit fake rituals that have no blessing powers from the transmission. They give these things to their disciples to practice so that they can control their disciples. Some such masters know they have erred, so they repented and corrected themselves. Buddhas and Bodhisattvas will forgive them. However, some others are still playing dumb today, and they continue their cheating and deceit. These people are evil masters without a doubt. The disciples, being unaware of things and only looking at their master’s superficial status, great fame, and high positions, think that they have met some great Bodhisattvas. Little do they know that these masters are not even an Arahat of the first fruit level but just someone who dare to call themselves the venerable ones. They don’t realize that they have already been deceived by being loyal to cheating masters.

So, why would these evil and cheating people be able to obtain certain levels in the holy test? That is because they requested to take the holy test for a specific item of expertise or merit. They didn’t ask to take the holy test for writing evil documents. Because the law of cause and effect does not err, they can obtain their levels for the merits they have in their expertise item.

If a master can establish not only great merits but also hold correct views and understanding so that they keep practices according to true Buddha Dharma, then they are an outstanding guru! However, you still must pay attention to. Whether one’s level is high or low has nothing to do with evil or cheating. Therefore, Buddhist practitioners must inquire about everything at the United International World Buddhist Association Headquarters to know actual situations. To examine a master, no matter who they are, not only must you observe the level they are wearing on their clothes, you also must check them with the 128 evil and erroneous views! You must examine and verify their words and conducts with the book Learning From Buddha! Only by doing so can you tell whether that master is correct or evil, if they are a cheating master or an evil one, whether that master’s words and deeds are in line with the right views and understanding, and whether they have great compassion and benefit others. Only by doing so will Buddhist cultivators avoid being cheated, and only by doing so can you find a good master and learn true Buddha Dharma, perfect your fortune and wisdom, and attain liberation without hindrance!

United International World Buddhist Association Headquarters

January 24, 2017

(translated by Zunba)