WBAH Announcement No. 20170104: The Ugly Faces of the Evil People Are Exposed

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In this Dharma-ending age, many evil cheaters have mingled in as Buddhists. They destroy true Buddha Dharma, deceive and hurt people, and are very rampant. It is easy for Buddhist disciples to fall prey to their deceit. How can we tell who those evil masters and cheaters are and catch them? Wangzha Shangzun said: “Those evil people are very cunning. However, cunning they may be, they cannot change their original evil nature. They will come right out if they feel there is a chance for them to destroy true Buddha Dharma. Therefore, we can now use a simple method to capture those evil masters and cheaters. It is called bag formation. With it, we can easily capture those evil people and expose them in the bright daylight.

We can alarm and wake up people by way of Elder Monk Yinhai’s passing this time, for example, to allow all Buddhist cultivators to see the nature of those evil cheaters. If you don’t believe it, just give it a try, and you can tell the true from the fake. Therefore, how Elder Monk Yinhai was persecuted over ten years ago and what great holy achievements He has attained now were told. Sure enough, this method was handy. All those evil cheaters have fallen into the bag formation one by one and given away their sinful nature on the try. Those corrupt cheaters thought they had a great opportunity. They gave partial interpretations of the truth and blended in fabricated slander, claiming things that destroy Buddha Dharma on a grand scale without mentioning the great accomplishment that is nowhere to be found in the world by the Holy Monk Yinhai. The behavior of those evil cheaters validates the impartation by Wangzha Shangzun and exposes themselves as the offspring of demons!

The fact is, to pay back a debt in causality, Elder Monk Yinhai suffered persecution over ten years ago. Some vicious people cut and broke His hamstrings. Five days after His death, He suddenly came to. The first thing He said was: “Don’t harm those who hurt me the slightest bit.” Because He suffered broken hamstrings, he could not walk. After H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III gave Him a special blessing, His hamstrings grew back on the same day. The Elder Monk even picked up someone who weighed more than one hundred thirty jins (i.e., 65Kg) and walked a few steps. He has not had any calamity or illness from then till now. The incredible thing is, He was always shown as healthy as a young person in every physical exam He took.

This time, the Elder Monk suddenly left in a split second under the condition without any illness or calamity. Ten days after His passing, His flesh started undergoing a divine transformation, changing from a boney and wrinkled face at the time of passing to a very full and majestic look, where He became a completely different person. Even his fingers and fingernails continued to grow after His passing. That was an unprecedented holy feat in Buddhist history. Elder Monk Yinhai established this unprecedented holy feat in Buddhist history with a divine transformation posthumously. But those evil cheaters, with their sinful nature, will never say it according to the correct information in the announcement. They do not broadcast Elder Monk’s holy feat, but instead, they slander greatly by saying Elder Monk Yinhai had his hamstrings cut broken just now. They also fabricated that Elder Monk Yinhai was beaten to death. It never occurred to those evil people that one would be put in jail for hitting someone, not to mention beating someone to death. The doctor has also certified that no cause of death could be found. So, it was filed with the government with the reason “the heart stopped beating.”

Those evil people who fabricate and slander the holy monk will descend to Hell. Whoever gets in touch with those evil people will be passed to themselves the black karma from those evil people and will not receive an initiation of true Buddha Dharma throughout life. As such, there is no chance to attain liberation. Please give it a hundred times of your attention and leave those evil cheaters at once. Otherwise, it will be too late!

The above announcement by Wangzha Shangzun is significant. Please pay a hundred times your attention. Maybe the evil cheaters are your master, your fellow dharma brothers or sisters, or your friends who are right around you.

United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters

February 24, 2017

(translation by Zunba)