WBAH Announcement No. 20170108: Answering Important Questions About the Holy Test

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This Headquarters has received some feedback since we announced the completion of the holy test. We will now make solemn and decisive answers to some important questions in it.

First, we must point out incisively that there is not one person who is an eighth-stage Bodhisattva or above in the over one thousand people who took the array formation holy test. The reason is quite simple. If one is an eight-stage Bodhisattva or above, then one does not need to take part in the Holy Test anymore, because one will already be a Great Holy Virtuous One of Gold Button Level 3.

Next, anyone who has passed the levels of Blue Button cannot be called holy virtuous. Anyone who is an incarnation of a Bodhisattva or an Arahat is at least at the Gold Button levels!

Therefore, no matter if you are a master or disciple, this Headquarters must solemnly point out that, if you say something like “that certain master could be a Bodhisattva of a certain stage, but because he or she is very humble, he or she didn’t do all he or she could and just received the level of Blue Button on purpose,” or if you say “that certain master is a great holy virtuous one and can give inner-tantric initiations, but he or she saved some room in the holy test in which he or she got to the level of Blue Button and purposely did not fetch the levels of Gold Button to make other masters look good,” and so on, your sayings will be self-conflicting. When they failed the exam, they all felt terrible. Otherwise, why would they try to take a second chance? In the end, they worked all they could but still failed at the same stage where they failed the first time. Those who fabricated such lies as these are devils in the form of a man. They have committed the sins of icchantika and will attract bad retributions because what they did is a direct insult to the master of the Seven Buddhas—Dharma Prince Manjushri!

You must understand that for all those who took the holy test, whether they were taking the exam with a mindset of fighting as hard as they can, or a humbled and reserved attitude, Manjushri Bodhisattva only go by principles. He does not check what kind of disposition you had for the exam. When facing Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, there are no personal emotions to cling to. That is why the following couplets were hung at the gate of the exam by formation site: “Your level revealed is what your level is exactly, so do not think your level would be any higher;” and “Your weight shown will be whatever you weigh, so there is no way you can add weight.” Another pair of couplets also says: “What is true cannot be made false, in which case moving Mt. Taishan is as easy as moving a plate;” and “What is false cannot be made true, and getting a test result higher than what you are is harder than climbing the sky.”

If a master is a Bodhisattva but takes the exam with a reserved attitude, then he or she is making a shameless insult to Manjushri Bodhisattva! The divination by Manjushri cleromancy has never missed one in over one thousand tries since the beginning of the holy test. That is because there is only the principle of accuracy, the principle of not allowing for a sliver of error. Even if you want to be reserved and take the exam humbly, Manjushri Bodhisattva only does it by the principle. He measures the levels of achievement and dharma power one has, then tells the result exactly accordingly. Anyone who thinks the Bodhisattva can go without the principle is an evil demon who slanders Manjushri Bodhisattva!

Everyone who has taken part in the holy test knows that the candidate must first do the divination by Manjushri Cleromancy by him or herself in the exam site. After the divination finishes, no one, including him or herself, can see the result. Then the candidate enters the exam of the array formation. After the array formation exam is over, the candidate opens the box of divination by Manjushri Cleromancy by him or herself and examines to see if the result of the Divination by Manjushri Cleromancy is consistent with the result from the exam by formation. Afterward, all the seven holy ones and ten witnesses who proctor the exam and are present on-site go and examine what of the divination by Manjushri Cleromancy to check whether it is consistent with the test result from the array formation one by one. Therefore, only the following three conditions can happen:

  1. After the candidate has finished the divination, he or she fights very hard but ends up dying in the formation to end the exam. Then the candidate opens the box of the Divination by Manjushri Cleromancy, the result of it must exactly be the same as that from the exam of array formation, which proves the one taking the exam did not reserve anything in the exam;
  2. After the test candidate has finished the divination, he or she enters the exam of the array formation. Since the candidate has passed a certain level in the exam, he or she proactively requests to stop and not be tested further. At that time, the candidate opens the box of the divination by Manjushri Cleromancy, if the result from the Divination by Manjushri Cleromancy is the same as that from the exam of array formation, then it proves the candidate can only reach that level and cannot get to any level higher. That also shows that the candidate did not reserve himself or herself in the exam;
  3. After the candidate has done the divination, he or she enters the exam of the array formation. Since the candidate has passed a certain level, he or she proactively requests to stop and not be tested further. At that time, the candidate opens the box of the divination by Manjushri Cleromancy and examines the result. If the result from the Manjushri Cleromancy is higher than that from the array formation, then it says the candidate did not try their best. It is because Manjushri Bodhisattva only follows the Buddha and speaks the truth, the facts, and no falsity. He only goes by the principle to present the level that exactly matches what the candidate has.

However, the third situation has never happened in all the exams the Headquarters has held. That is, no one who took the exam was reserved!

Therefore, we warn those cheating, evil demons now. Repent and correct yourselves. Stop exaggerating the facts or faking things to deceive people. If you don’t indeed be good people and cultivate yourselves well, then your master or yourself will be called to take the exam of the Vajra Array. We will videotape the exam so that people can see how pitiable you and your master really are!

All Buddhist disciples! Exaggerations and cheating cannot make you a holy virtuous person. On the contrary, they reveal your tracks as an evil master, a cheater, and a demon. It is foolish, ignorant, low class, and pitiful! The only way for you to go is to sincerely and respectfully listen to the Dharma discourses imparted by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, to learn well the books Learning from Buddha and Expounding the Absolute Truth Through Heart Sutra, to examine yourself with the 128 evil and erroneous views at all times, to cultivate yourself steadily and surely according to the two major mind essences in the Supreme and Unsurpassable Mahamudra of Liberation, to do all that is good and don’t do anything that is bad, and to practice well the Buddha Dharma transmitted by the Buddha. That is the only way to become a holy and virtuous one and to attain liberation and achievement!

World Buddhism Association Headquarters 
March 18, 2017

(translation by Zunba)