WBAH Announcement No. 20170111: Correctly Answering Inquiries about the Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Blessing Dharma and Inner Tantric

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There are a lot of people inquiring about the Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s Blessing Dharma and Inner Tantric now. They ask: “Is this Dharma a great Dharma or a lesser Dharma? Is it esoteric or exoteric? Can one attain liberation from the cycle of birth and death by only practicing this Dharma?” There are also a lot of people who claim that they are inner-tantric disciples themselves and that their vajra masters performed inner-tantric initiations on them. They want to know: What is the level of the Inner-tantric Initiation? How does it manifest itself? Is their master an inner-tantric master or not? Under what conditions are one considered to have received an Inner-tantric Initiation? And how do you differentiate authentic and fake inner-tantric initiations? Some people even say that someone is not a kind-hearted person, why can he still practice the Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Blessing Dharma? Concerning these various serious questions, our Headquarters thinks we must answer them immediately; otherwise, many Buddhist cultivators will be harmed. The correct answers are the following:

The Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s Blessing Dharma is one hundred percent great. That Dharma is the manifestation of the real pith of the Bodhi Holy Water, AKA The pure water of the poplar branch, of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva. It is the sublime treasure for attaining achievement and liberation. Let’s quote a paragraph from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III’s impartation of the Dharma. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III said: “The Blessing Dharma of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, when used by a kind person, is an excellent Dharma; and when used by a wicked person, is a vicious Dharma. Even someone who does not cultivate him or herself according to the Dharma rules, or someone who does not base him or herself on great compassion, or someone who does not implement the decree of not doing all that is bad and doing all that is good, can immediately bless people and show the scenes in the state if he or she learns the Dharma, It does not matter how bad he or she is. But they just cannot become a holy person and can never attain achievement or liberation. They will only increase the black karma for those receiving the blessing.”

The Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s Blessing Dharma does not belong to an esoteric sect, nor does it belong to any other denomination. It is not a sectarian Dharma. It is pure Buddhism; it is the Buddha Dharma that bases itself on great compassion and strictly abides by it to benefit living beings. When one keeps the precepts according to the Dharma rules, this Dharma is the Buddha Dharma based on great compassion. When one does not abide by the Dharma rules and violates the precepts, this Dharma becomes evil Dharma that hurts living beings. Why is that? It is because the evil disciples of Mara King transform themselves to fake rinpoches and fake dharma masters, falsely claiming that they have received the transmission of the Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s Blessing Dharma from a lineage. Therefore, you must check it very carefully. As long as the Dharma is not transmitted from a lineage, it is evil Dharma. Even some of those who received the Dharma through a lineage have become evil masters because they violated the precepts. That is why you must rigorously differentiate between the correct and the evil. The difference lies in whether the precepts are kept or broken. It also lies in whether there is Bodhi Holy Water that can penetrate the wall of the Dharma Bowl.

For this Dharma, there are two stages in its completeness as a correct Dharma. The first is the Generation Stage, and the second is the Completion Stage. The effect of the Generation Stage accounts for only 3%, while the accomplishment of the Completion Stage accounts for 97%. It is straightforward to learn about the Generation Stage. Whether your faculty root is good or bad, deep or shallow, You can do it once you learn it. It requires no practice. You can reach the Generation Stage to give blessings to people on the spot as soon as you learn it. But the true mother of accomplishment for this Dharma is the Bodhi Holy Water that can penetrate the wall of the Dharma Bowl, and the Bodhi Holy Water can only be obtained in the Completion Stage. One has to be a selfless, most kind, having the same compassionate mind as Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, great person who cultivates oneself according to the Dharma rules to be able to attain the Completion Stage. The phony Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s Blessing Dharma faked by the evil disciples of Mara King can never result in Bodhi Holy Water. Bodhi Holy Water is the Mother Dharma Water that must be used in an inner-tantric initiation. If the Bodhi Holy Water cannot be attained, then there can be no mentioning of the inner tantric.

The precept of the Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s Blessing Dharma is very rigorous. It stipulates that the master practicing this Dharma must take all the offering money collected to be used for releasing captured lives, doing charity work, helping the poor, or providing disaster relief within fifteen days. If not following the stipulation of this precept, the master would be violating the precept of this Dharma and breaking the essence of the precept; he or she would lose the Dharma lineage immediately. Once the lineage is lost, the Dharma is taken over by the evil disciples of Mara King on the spot and becomes evil Dharma, and the master becomes a wicked master. In such a case, this holy Dharma becomes evil Dharma that hurts people. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III has already mentioned it in the book Learning from Buddha.

Today, this Headquarters solemnly tell you all that there is only one difference in principle between the Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s Blessing Dharma and the blessing Dharma run by the evil disciples of Mara King. The Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s Blessing Dharma is being selfless, helping people, and benefiting living beings, while the phony Avalokiteshvara dharma faked by the devils and demons is practiced by the evil masters to deceive people. Just like the real Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Blessing Dharma, the phony Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Blessing Dharma can be learned by anyone and immediately show effects. The effects include such things as letting people see the appearance of their ghost, manifest themselves as animals, howl like animals, fall left and right, turn, jump, sing, go into some state, see the image of a Buddha or Bodhisattva, and so on. It appears to be generating some blessing power, but it is really the demons’ blessing, and the people receiving the benefit only receive black karma, bad luck, and the seed to fall into the three lower realms!

How can the correct master and the evil master be differentiated? There are two major principles in true Buddha Dharma used. First, if the presiding master of the Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Blessing Dharma does not use the offering money in doing good deeds, releasing captured lives, or helping to relieve the poor, but instead, keep it for his or her private use, then that master has revealed the initial behavior of a follower of Mara King and an evil master. Second, because that master does not have the holy realization power to attain the Completion Stage to produce the Bodhi Holy Water that can penetrate the wall of a Dharma Bowl when standing in a distance of five meters away from the disciple, that master cannot initiate the holy transformation of the Vajra Pill that is in the disciple’s possession, in which the disciple should be able to see very clearly the Vajra Pill change its size and height, dance the Guozhuang dance, turn into a different form, or fly as fast as an arrow. Or when standing five to ten meters away from the disciple, the master cannot give an order to make the Vajra Pill jump. If the master has no such powers but claims to be capable of inner tantric, then that master is indeed a disciple of Mara King and an evil master, pretending to know inner tantric and deceiving people!

The term Inner Tantric comes from esoteric Buddhism. There are the Inner-tantric Division, the inner-tantric Dharmas, the inner-tantric Initiation, the inner-tantric mandala, inner-tantric disciples, and the inner-tantric dharma vessels. There are usually four types of Inner-tantric Initiations, but only the two lowest types are spreading in society. The first type, the real inner-tantric initiations, cannot be dabbled at by anyone other than the top class of holy gurus. The second type is the Initiation via the passed-down power of the first type, which cannot be heard by the average masters either.

The first type is the real inner-tantric Initiation because it complies with the two major Dharma rules for Inner-tantric Initiations. The second type is the inner-tantric Initiation with borrowed, passed-down power. This type of inner-tantric initiations is held, following the Dharma regulations, by some master who borrows the inner-tantric mandala that is established by a Great Holy Virtuous One as well as the Vajra Pill that is successfully attained by a Great Holy Virtuous One practicing a Dharma. These two types mentioned above will not be told to masters who do not have the root or capacity for morality and ethics.

The third type of inner-tantric initiations is spreading in society, and the most popular kind, the fourth type, is called phony inner-tantric initiations. The third type is the inner-tantric initiations using handed-down dharma vessels such as sutras, mantras, and mudras. This third type is the inner-tantric Initiation of a theoretical and not evidential nature. The handed-down object used in the Initiation is called the Mother Dharma Water, which can be a handed-down incense used in the hot incense offering, or the various kinds of pills that are handed down, or some Dharma water that is handed down and so on. However, it is difficult to say whether these things are truly handed down (from a Great Holy Guru), or whether they possess the Sidhi power derived from real Dharma capabilities because everything is only based on the words of the master. In Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism, it is usually this third type of inner-tantric initiations that are performed.

The fourth type is called phony inner-tantric, or con artist inner-tantric. Those who call themselves the greatly jeweled masters, to deceive their disciples, usually say whatever it is before they can even think it through, and as such, end up fabricating lies and setting up phony inner-tantric mandalas. They use tricks to pass for inner-tantric Initiation so that they can fool the disciples. That kind of Initiation is neither inner-tantric nor any Initiation and has nothing to do with Buddhism at all. It is entirely deceit. That is the kind of con artist inner-tantric initiations always used by those phony rinpoches who cheat people for money and sex. It can be said that over nine thousand nine hundred and ninety rinpoches and masters out of ten thousand are cheating people using the con artist’s inner-tantric. The most significant characteristic of these people is they are illiterate in the Buddhist sutras and teachings.

Regarding the issues of establishing an inner-tantric mandala, recognizing people’s status as rinpoches, and esoteric Buddhism, the high monks and holy virtuous ones specially beseeched H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III to give an impartation of the Dharma. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III said: “I am all for the outstanding parts in esoteric Buddhism, but I am against filth and rot. I understand the entire Buddhism, including the esoteric sects. I am a Buddhist, not a Tibetan Esoteric Buddhist. No matter what type of Initiation you receive, you cannot deviate from cultivation, and your Initiation cannot compare with the two major mind essences in the Supreme and Unsurpassed Mahamudra of Liberation. As a Buddhist, if you do not clearly believe in causality and if you do not put cultivation to practice, no matter what kind of an initiation you receive, it is of no use. Once you have genuinely practiced the two major mind essences, it will be straightforward for you to receive the Initiation and learn the Dharma. My Buddhism is the Buddhism of Shakyamuni Buddha. I am not a disciple of the Lama religion, and I do not take part in your establishing the inner-tantric mandala. All I know is to rigorously keep the precepts and practice cultivation, guiding people to be compassionate, kind, pure, and selfless.

“The situation with Buddhism is already very messy in today’s world. The esoteric Buddhism in ancient times used to be very good, and the Inner-tantric Initiations were indeed remarkable. Together with rigorous cultivation, they ensured the disciple who received the Initiation to attain a great achievement very speedily. But because it was mixed in with Tibetan politics at the time and the local religion, and later fused in with some non-Buddhist ways of practice, it is not the pure Buddhist teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha any more now. Instead, it has become a reformed and pluralistic religion called Tibetan Buddhism. The severe problem is that the rinpoches in esoteric Buddhism are all phony. I do not agree with those rinpoches who are certified. Out of one hundred people who have got the holiness certificates, it is hard to find two who truly practice cultivation. They are not holy or virtuous at all!

“A Buddhist cultivator is a Buddhist cultivator, and a Buddhist disciple is a Buddhist disciple. How can those phony people be called rinpoche? They are all imposters and fakes. Their conducts are so messy that they don’t even qualify to be a basic Buddhist! On the Internet, it is said that there are several tens of thousands of rinpoches in one district of Beijing alone—the Chaoyang District. Over one thousand people were wearing rinpoche clothes who came to see me in June this year. I felt so bad for people when I saw all that redness in the clothes they were wearing. Who exactly are these people? It is so clear that they don’t even understand the sutras and teachings. They don’t have a bit of foundation. Not having even been a good ordinary Buddhist, how can they inflate themselves as a rinpoche? Even among those ordinary people who don’t learn from Buddha or practice Buddhist cultivation, some of them go about deceiving people under the disguise of being Buddhist. Exactly because many ordinary people are pretending to be holy in everywhere, I have not certified even one reincarnated rinpoche. To be direct, they are not real! I am a humbled Buddhist cultivator myself. I can’t contemplate others’ previous lifetimes. Therefore, I cannot certify them.”

These words of Dorje Chang Buddha Master are profound in meaning. The realization capacity of Buddha Master is unmeasurably high compared to the great holy and virtuous ones among us. Even we can have a tiny little bit of contemplative power, how could Buddha Master, one who thoroughly understands the entire Buddhism, not have the ability? The real reason is there is not a great holy one who is qualified enough to impel Buddha Master to write a certificate! Not to mention anything else, didn’t layman Zhao Yusheng receive the highest and supreme inner-tantric Yidam Dharma initiation and attained great achievement in August this year? Wangzha Shangzun said: “That Initiation was not something I, who is of Gold Button Level 3, could do. I am not qualified to invoke and invite Namo Amitabha Buddha at all. Even though I am only at Gold Button Level 3 and not at the stages of the Equal Enlightenment Bodhisattvas or the Marvelous Enlightenment Bodhisattvas, I will establish an inner-tantric mandala that is compliant with the two major Dharma rules.” In fact, Shangzun was very humble. He is a Tremendously Holy Guru who is higher than Gold Button Level 3. Otherwise, how could He have the Dharma power to establish an inner-tantric mandala? This Headquarters is very familiar with inner-tantric mandalas. We have created a comparison table below to make it easy for you to understand:

Differentiation between authentic and phony inner tantric

  What must be done True Inner Tantric Phony Inner Tantric
1 The presiding master presents the three Vajra Pestles The disciples see it with their own eyes The disciples don’t see it
2 The presiding master sends a petition to Bodhisattva The disciples experience it in person The disciples don’t experience it in person
3 The presiding master attains the Bodhi Holy Water by practicing a Dharma The disciples experience it in person The disciples don’t experience it in person
4 The disciple keeps a Vajra Pill during the Initiation The disciple keeps it The disciple does not keep it
5 The disciple prepares a Vajra Rope that is five to ten meters long The disciple prepares and uses the Vajra Rope The disciple does not have the Vajra Rope
6 The distance between the master and the disciple is the length of the Vajra Rope, between 5 and 10 meters The disciple certifies that is true The disciple does not experience it
7 The Vajra Pill, while kept and watched by the disciple, undergoes miraculous transformations, such as dancing the Guozhuang dance, changing its size and height, moving like speed skating on ice, or making jumps on oral orders The disciple certifies all the Dharma states are true The disciple certifies no such state happens
8 The female master must send a petition to Bodhisattva The disciple experiences it in person The disciple does not experience it
9 The inner-tantric mandala An inner-tantric mandala that is compliant with the Dharma rules A mandala that is not compliant with the Dharma rules
10 The difference of learning Dharma in a real inner-tantric mandala vs. a phony inner-tantric mandala The disciple can attain a perfect and great achievement The disciple gets bad luck and falls into the lower three realms


All those Buddhist disciples who want to attain liberation and achievement, do take the table above and make comparisons. See if you have received a real inner-tantric initiation or have been deceived by a phony inner-tantric master!

According to the World Buddhism Association Headquarters’ standard, which is converted from a quantitative comparison with Arahat’s fruit levels and Bodhisattva’s stages, the ability to establish an inner-tantric mandala requires the holy power of at least Gold Button Level 3. As far as the unchangeable principle for building an inner-tantric mandala is concerned, the average masters don’t even have the qualification to hear it. To prevent evil masters in the Dharma-ending Era from deceiving and hurting people, we break the rules and let you all know what true inner tantric is today. That is, for any master who has inner-tantric disciples, that master must establish a real holy inner-tantric mandala because any inner-tantric disciple must receive the Initiation and the Dharma in an inner-tantric mandala for the disciple to be able to practice that Dharma effectively. Otherwise, the disciple will not have any benefit. That is an unchangeable principle and Dharma rule regarding inner-tantric disciples learning the Dharma! That cannot be replaced by any form of establishing a mandala, including setting a mandala with colored sand. It will have nothing to do with inner-tantric!

Except for Equal Enlightenment Bodhisattvas and Marvelous Enlightenment Bodhisattvas, any other master must first establish an inner-tantric mandala when it comes to inner tantric before he or she can show the power of Dharma in various ways. Even for Equal Enlightenment Bodhisattvas and Marvelous Enlightenment Bodhisattvas, They must be able to Send a Petition to Bodhisattva and obtain the Bodhi Holy Water that can penetrate the walls of the Dharma Bowl. If one cannot send a petition to Bodhisattva, then one is not an Equal Enlightenment Bodhisattva or a Marvelous Enlightenment Bodhisattva. Pay attention! The most indispensable part of establishing an inner-tantric mandala is that the presiding master must personally present the three Vajra Pestles and send a petition to Bodhisattvas in front of people. If not, then it is a phony inner-tantric mandala! If one cannot successfully complete these two ironclad rules for establishing the inner-tantric mandala, then the so-called inner-tantric disciples, inner-tantric mandala, and inner-tantric Initiation one talk about are nothing but con artist inner tantric; they are nothing more than lies of a con man master.

Furthermore, pay special attention to this. If a person, including the disciple who has personally received a phony inner-tantric initiation, says publicly says he or she is an inner-tantric disciple or has entered an inner-tantric mandala, then the person is also falsifying the truth, helping the evil perpetrate evil deeds, and cheating people. That person will be thrown into the lower three realms because of the nature of their crime. How could a real inner-tantric initiation possibly be performed at random! A true inner-tantric disciple must be a very devout one who truly cultivates him or herself. He or she must have made real and pure contributions to the Buddhist work and established merits!

Provided that, in the worst case, you have no ability, your devoutness must still reach a certain height in its purity. You can see in reference what kind of mind and conduct of devoutness Patriarch Milarepa had in pursuit of Dharma. He had to build a house by himself, going through all kinds of toil and suffering. Only after His building was completed did Master Marpa establish an inner-tantric mandala out of it. Only then did He receive the holy inner-tantric Initiation from Master Marpa and be called an inner-tantric disciple. On the contrary, you can think about what Buddhist work you have done now. What merit have you planted to qualify yourself for an inner-tantric initiation?

Maybe you would think that you have made offerings to your Vajra master, including making contributions to building his or her center. If you feel that way, then you are too terrible. You didn’t have that much sinful karma at the beginning, but since you made offerings to an evil master, a phony inner-tantric master, your sinful karma has aggravated. Since your masters have never entered any inner-tantric mandala and don’t even understand the principle Dharma rules for establishing an inner-tantric mandala, they do not qualify for becoming an inner-tantric disciple. How stupid you are! Having been swindled, you still think you are an inner-tantric disciple. Now you understand. If you want to receive the real inner-tantric Initiation, ask yourself these questions: Where are your vows? Where is your cultivation? And where is your merit? Can you receive an Inner-tantric Initiation without a pure mind, without establishing merits with devoutness?

Many Buddhist disciples, having been cheated by swindler masters, still think that they are an inner-tantric disciple. That is an unprecedented joke! We can say very clearly that even that so-called master of yours who can only transmit the con man inner-tantric Dharma doesn’t understand what inner tantric is! If a master cannot complete Sending a Petition to Bodhisattva, then it ultimately proves Buddhas and Bodhisattvas do not recognize this self-claiming inner-tantric master and do not approve of this inner-tantric mandala. Therefore, they do not accept the petition. As such, indeed, the inner-tantric mandala is not successfully established, and indeed, no Bodhi Holy Water is attained. Without Bodhi Holy Water, any mentioning of inner-tantric Initiation is just faking it. (Note: female masters are not required to Present the Three Vajra Pestles. They only need to Send a Petition to Bodhisattva.)

Another situation is the following: The master already has the realization power of a holy virtuous one but failed to complete Sending a Petition to Bodhisattvas. In that case, this master can borrow the inner-tantric mandala that is compliant with the two major Dharma rules, which are established by a Great Holy Virtuous One, as well as the Vajra Pill, which the Great Virtuous One has successfully attained by practicing the Dharma. The master can stand five meters away to give the inner-tantric Initiation to the disciple and to show the holy power of the Dharma, as mentioned above. But you must pay attention that the disciple needs to prepare a Vajra Rope that is five meters long for setting the distance between the master and the disciple. The Vajra Pill must be controlled by the disciple. If there are more than two disciples to receive the Initiation simultaneously, then the Vajra Pill must be ground to powder, mixed with tsampa flour, and distributed to all those receiving the Initiation. This is the passed-down inner-tantric with borrowed mandala and Dharma vessel.

Regarding presenting the pestles, one can present and offer the Primordial Buddha’s Pestle, the Shakyamuni Buddha’s Pestle, the Bodhisattva’s Pestle, the Vajra’s Pestle, and so on. Different pestles have different weights. We will now only talk about the Three Vajra Pestles that are used to present as offerings to the inner-tantric Yidam. The required weights of the Three Vajra Pestles differ according to age and body weight. For a master under seventy years of age and whose weight is between 170 jins and 190 jins, the first pestle to be presented by this master should weigh one hundred jins. If the master is younger than 50, then he or she needs to present a pestle weighing 110 jins.

To present the pestle means using one hand to lift the pestle over the shoulder while reading out “Presenting and Offering to the Lord of Inner Tantric, the Guhyapada Vajra,” according to the Dharma. This is only the first step, the step of setting the foundation of the mandala. The most challenging part is the second step—Sending a Petition to Bodhisattva. This is the state of completing the mandala. The disciples receiving the inner tantric must prepare for it by writing the petition in person and placing it on the table in front of the disciples themselves. People keep a watchful eye on the document. The presiding master is arranged by the disciples to stand in an empty area faraway. The master must stand wherever the disciples arrange for him to go and cannot change to another place or move around. At this time, the presiding master chants and practices the Dharma right where he or she is, saying: “So-and-so Bodhisattva, please receive the petition.” The disciples chant “Om Ah Hom” three times. Then disciples can see the petition placed on the table in front of themselves emit rainbow light and rise to space and is accepted by the Bodhisattva on the spot. People see with wide-open eyes that the petition, which they have vigilantly guarded for, disappear just like that. That is Sending a Petition to Bodhisattva, the state of completing the mandala.

At this time, the inner-tantric mandala is established officially. Only this great holy mandala-building master is qualified to say the term “inner tantric.” Other than that, no matter how great one’s status is, as long as one cannot Present Three Vajra Pestle and Send a Petition to Bodhisattva, if one claims to have the ability to perform inner-tantric initiations, having inner-tantric disciples, or setting up an inner-tantric mandala, then one is lying and cheating people, is 100% a con artist who does not understand inner tantric. One’s inner tantric is thoroughly phony. At the most, it is the empty theoretical inner tantric. The reason is that, without an inner-tantric mandala, one cannot have inner-tantric disciples. It is just like saying the Diamond Sutra would not have been born had there been no Jetavana Vihara.

Almost all the rinpoches and Dharma kings will be opposed to true holy inner-tantric initiations. Why? There is no need to say it since you all should already know. It is because anyone who is against it is someone who themselves cannot establish an inner-tantric mandala that is compliant with the two Dharma rules. Their physical conditions are weak, having no strength to lift heavy pestles, and they cannot successfully send a petition to Bodhisattva. Therefore, the only thing they can do is to use phony inner tantric to cheat people. If they did not object to or destroy true inner tantric, but at the same time they cannot meet the requirement stipulated by the two major Dharma rules to establish an inner-tantric mandala successfully, they would have no other way but to be so angry that they generate evil minds, flamed by rage, to slander and be opposed to true inner tantric to the point of being crazy. If not, their tract would be uncovered, and their means to get money and sex would be cut off. That is why slandering and being opposed to true inner tantric become their top priority.

This Headquarters never says empty words. Since we have announced to establish an inner-tantric mandala, we will carry it out. Wangzha Shangzun has made a vow to establish an inner-tantric mandala in front of the public this year or next year, which will prove to show that those swindler inner-tantric masters who fake things are such low-level, evil cheaters! Shangzun also said: “Dorje Chang Buddha Master said that He would not take part in our efforts to establish the inner-tantric mandala. It is terrific. Because Buddha Master emphasizes cultivation and is opposed to this kind of state or form, which reveals divine and awesome powers, He will not agree to establish the inner-tantric mandala. If we should invite Buddha Master to come, then we would not be able to complete our inner-tantric mandala! Because when we do the Sending a Petition to Bodhisattva, the Bodhisattva will not accept the petition holding respect for the wishes of Dorje Chang Buddha Master! Therefore, we will beseech our benevolent Buddha Master to come on another day. We will respectfully await His arrival and receive His teachings at that time.”

In the world today, not only phony rinpoches are all over the place, some great Dharma kings, perching on high dharma platforms, also have very bad moral qualities. They are so bad that they don’t admit the things they did, despite everyone knows it. They are not even as good as the average person who has morals. How could such people possibly present the three Vajra Pestles or send a petition to Bodhisattva? Therefore, Buddhist disciples must be careful to know that they are phony if they cannot show real ability. Otherwise, you get on an evil path and attract sinful karma from now on for the rest of your life, and there will not be a time for you to be liberated whatsoever!

World Buddhism Association Headquarters

November 2, 2017

*Translator’s note: The Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Blessing Dharma is also translated as the Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s Great Compassion Empowerment Dharma 

(translation by Zunba. last edited 2020-04-16)