WBAH Announcement No. 20170112: Supplemental Clarification Regarding the Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Blessing Dharma and Inner Tantric

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Ever since the World Buddhism Association Headquarters’ announcement numbered 20170111 was published, many Buddhist disciples said, even though they had received the blessings from the Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s Blessing Dharma. Many years had passed since they received an inner-tantric initiation; they had never thought they fell prey to swindlers. Only now do they understand that the Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s Blessing Dharma, as well as authentic inner-tantric initiations, are so sacred, subtle, and profound. But some Buddhist disciples have not understood the announcement and think they have received an Inner-tantric Initiation from their masters. They believe that their masters established an inner-tantric mandala, not knowing it is a fake, false one. One rinpoche, having passed no more than the Blue Button Grade 3 with three black ribbons, even thinks he is ready to learn Sending a Petition to Bodhisattva. It is the joke of the world and an imaginary fable!

Because of this, to correct the wrong thinking some people have, the World Buddhism Association Headquarters is providing further clarifications regarding facts of the Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s Blessing Dharma and the authentic Inner-tantric Initiations.

  1. The Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s Blessing Dharma has two stages—the Generation Stage and the Completion Stage. At the Generation stage, only three percent is manifest and is superficial. Whether one is kind-hearted or not, one can succeed in it as soon as one learns it and can give blessings to the people by taking them into the state. On the other hand, the Completion Stage requires the use of Bodhi Holy Water, which accounts for 97% and is the realization power. One must be a great kind person to be successful in it because it is more difficult making the holy water penetrate the Dharma Bowl than climbing the sky.
  2. If the master has violated the Root Precepts of Great Compassion, was not transmitted the Dharma from a lineage, or was but later lost it, as soon as that master performs the Dharma, the demons and devils will take over it at once. It will become an evil Dharma, and the master a wicked master, no matter what kind of status the master has. Even though the Dharma performed can still manifest some state to give blessings to people, they belong to evil powers. The people receiving those blessings can only get evil energy, i.e., bad luck and the seed to descend to the three lower realms! Also, this wicked master who performs the Dharma will not have the dharma power to make the Bodhi Holy Water penetrate the Dharma Bowl for all his or her life, and he or she will never be able to attain liberation and achievement!

Below is supplemental information about Inner-tantric:

  1. Why have Buddhist disciples not been able to hear what happens in authentic Inner-tantric Initiations before? The reason for that is the inner-tantric dharma rules decree that one can only be qualified to hear about the rules in an inner-tantric mandala and to receive holy inner-tantric Initiation if one is close to realizing holiness. Therefore, even many dharma kings, rinpoches, dharma masters, and masters are not qualified to hear about authentic Inner-tantric Initiations, not to mention receiving an inner-tantric initiation and becoming an inner-tantric disciple. As such, those Buddhist disciples who are ordinary beings can only hear about and receive false Inner-tantric Initiations.
  2. Except for a Buddha, even Equal Enlightenment Bodhisattvas and Marvelous Enlightenment Bodhisattvas must hold Inner-tantric Initiations in an Inner-tantric Mandala. If the Initiation happens in an Inner-tantric Mandala that does not comply with the two major dharma requirements, then it must be a false inner-tantric initiation!

  3. According to the World Buddhism Association Headquarters’ levels chart created by comparing to the (Arahat’s) fruit levels and the (Bodhisattva’s) stages, only those holy ones who are above Gold Button Level 3 can establish an inner-tantric mandala. If someone who is below Gold Button Level 3 says they can set an Inner-tantric Mandala, then that person is a cheat one hundred percent! Among the great holy gurus including Monk Jigong who is famous in history, Mozhi Rinpoche whose dharma power is so high as being close to Gold Button Level 3, Dharma King Ghar Tongstan who is the current Chairman of the World Buddhism Association Headquarters, Kaichu Rinpoche, and the dharma kings and rinpoches in Tibet and India, no one has the dharma power to present the three Vajra Pestles; no one can send a petition to Bodhisattva. But because those holy and virtuous ones, including His Great Holy Virtuous Mozhi, Dharma King Ghar Tongstan, and Kaichu Rinpoche, have realized holiness, they can borrow and use an established Inner-tantric Mandala that complies with the dharma regulations to perform for their disciples a Borrowed Inner-tantric Initiation Using Handed-down Holy Dharma Water. Although a holy virtuous one who is Gold Button Level 1, and one who is close to Gold Button Level 3 can perform Inner-tantric Initiations for their disciples by borrowing an Inner-tantric Mandala, once they leave the Inner-tantric Mandala, the Initiations which they hold will not be Inner-tantric and cannot even be successfully done. That is what is meant by “the inner tantric power disappears if the inner-tantric mandala is absent or lost” in Esoteric Buddhism.

  4. A male master who establishes an inner-tantric mandala must comply with the two major dharma rules or requirements, which are to Present the Three Vajra Pestles and to Send a Petition to Bodhisattva. One who can only do one but not both cannot establish an inner-tantric mandala. A female master, on the other hand, must be able to Send a Petition to Bodhisattva to set an Inner-tantric Mandala. People must examine all those who claim to have Inner-tantric power by checking, item by item, the table in Announcement 20170111 carefully. You will not be fooled if you understand it!
  5. Wangzha Shangzun, whose dharma powers are above Gold Button Level 3 and close to Level 4, has made a vow to establish an inner-tantric mandala. Shangzun said: “If my dharma power is a little short to satisfying the required dharma rules for establishing the inner-tantric mandala, I will be responsible for requesting the help from a Tremendously Holy Guru to complete it. I will do what I say. Since I have made the vow, I must carry it out. That is how I conduct myself. Once the inner-tantric mandala is successfully established, I am willing to let other holy and virtuous ones, the masters above Gold Button Level 1, borrow the inner-tantric mandala. If you who are a master have not yet passed the Gold Button holiness level, you can apply to the World Buddhism Association Headquarters and say you have the Dharma powers to give an Inner-tantric Initiation to your disciples by borrowing the Inner-tantric Mandala. I will also let you borrow the Inner-tantric Mandala in that case. Still, you must use a Measuring Vajra Rope that is between five and ten meters long to do for your disciples the borrowed Inner-tantric Initiation (aka. The Inner-tantric Initiation Using Handed-down Holy Dharma Water) according to the Dharma rules. I will not let any master borrow the Inner-tantric Mandala unless it is for an Initiation that complies with the dharma rules.”

    I know it very well and understand it deeply that none of those rinpoches, dharma masters, and so on, who have taken the one-hundred-question written test on Sutras, Vinaya, and Abhidharma, including the seven holy persons and the ten masters who proctored the tests, has the Dharma power to establish an Inner-tantric Mandala. In other words, all of those people are not qualified to have an Inner-tantric disciple! Even a Great Holy Virtuous One of Gold Button Level 3 does not have sixty percent of confidence to establish an Inner-tantric Mandala. Therefore, any master who claims to be able to do Inner-tantric Initiations and has Inner-tantric disciples is nothing but a cheater who wins fame by hoodwinking the public! If not, do you dare to borrow my Inner-tantric Mandala to do the Borrowed Inner-tantric Initiation with handed-down holy Dharma water? If you dare not, then don’t deceive the public by pretending you have the inner tantric power anymore.”

  6. To perform an authentic Inner-tantric Initiation, one must have a Measuring Vajra Rope that is between five and ten meters long. This Measuring Vajra Rope is used to measure the distance between the master and disciple when holding the initiation ritual, in which the Vajra Pill is in personal possession by the disciple. The master performs the Dharma in the distance to make the Vajra Pill at the disciple’s end manifest itself in holy transformations, like changing its size and height, transforming into different forms, and dancing the Guozhuang dance. Or the Vajra Pill can be like an ice-skating athlete doing a performance in public, moving and stopping at a speed, leisurely gliding and turning, making sharp turns at a fast pace, circling about, suddenly accelerating or decelerating, and doing it all with freedom and ease. The master who is at least five meters away gives a verbal order for the Vajra Pill to jump, the Vajra Pill jumps immediately. This Vajra Pill, which can make the holy transformation and the Measuring Vajra Rope, will be taken over and kept by the inner-tantric disciple who is receiving the Initiation. Any master who can perform the Inner-tantric Initiation must send a petition to Bodhisattva to succeed in having the Bodhi Holy Water. In Inner-tantric Initiations, the Bodhi Holy Water that can penetrate the Dharma Bowl must be used as the mother Dharma Water for all inner-tantric initiations. Therefore, the inner-tantric power is not something that can be easily substituted by any kind of magic or trick!

  7. For anyone who denies the dharma requirements for establishing the Inner-tantric Mandala, if you reject and slander them, saying they don’t count, then you should give reasons to prove why you say they don’t count. You must provide the reasons why they don’t count to people. You should further validate your ideas by doing something practical, like lifting a big pestle that weighs one hundred jins (i.e., 500 kilograms) over your shoulder with one hand, or standing far away and making a piece of paper which people have written on vanish in rainbow light in the air amid the chanting of “Om Ah Hom” by people, to prove your reasons are valid. If you cannot do it, then that says you don’t understand it. Those who don’t understand it have no right to speak, and they have no right to deny it! To cover their ignorance, an evil master will usually say: “We will just learn and practice our true Dharma. We practice patience, and we endure insults, so we don’t care what others may say.” Moreover, an evil master usually calls him or herself as a Great Bodhisattva and says: “I am not going to meet those two dharma requirements which I don’t acknowledge.” Today, our headquarters tells all Buddhist disciples that anyone saying things like that are not because they don’t want to do it, but rather, they just have no dharma powers to meet the two major dharma requirements at all.

    Conversely, people can think about it a bit. For the sake of argument, even if these two major dharma requirements didn’t count, if that master is a real Greatly Holy and Virtuous One or a Great Bodhisattva, then why would Presenting the Three Vajra Pestles or Sending a Petition to Bodhisattva be so hard for a great Bodhisattva to do? He or she can easily show to the disciples by their abilities that they are qualified to say why those two major dharma requirements are inadequate. But if they cannot even do that while denying the two major dharma requirements for establishing the inner-tantric mandala, that can only say they are a lowly swindler. It is just like someone who knows nothing about swimming and dares not to get in the water to go and see people surfing in the ocean. What kind of right does that person have, while standing on the shore, to criticize those surfers surfing in the sea by saying their forms are terrible or their techniques inadequate? It is also like an evil master, upon seeing a pack of Chinese herbal medicine that is for curing headaches, saying it is fake medicine, and it is awful. When you ask that master why it is so, what the herbal ingredients are, the master cannot recognize anything but just says: “I don’t care what these herbs are called. This pack of herbs is fake medicine, no matter what.” One can only say that this evil master is too bad and shameful. You must understand, as a layman, you have no rights at all to comment on or deny something you don’t understand. If style="margin-bottom: 0in;" you randomly comment on things you don’t understand, then you are a lowly swindler!

In addition to this announcement, you must study and make yourself understand Announcement No. 20170111 so that you can avoid being deceived for life in this lifetime and descend to a place where there is never going to be a day for you to attain achievement and liberation. Don’t step into the gate of evil, because there will not be a day for you to recover in tens of thousands of kalpas.

World Buddhism Association Headquarters

November 15, 2017

(translation by Zunba)

This is the number one Vajra Pestle used by an 80-year old Great Holy Virtuous One from the late Yuan Dynasty and early Ming Dynasty (circa. 1400). This rinpoche is demonstrating how to present the three Vajra Pestles by using this Vajra Pestle.
This is the number one Vajra Pestle used by an 80-year old Great Holy Virtuous One from the late Yuan Dynasty and early Ming Dynasty (circa. 1400). This rinpoche is demonstrating how to present the three Vajra Pestles by using this Vajra Pestle.