WBAH Announcement No. 20180105: Buddha Transmits Senior Monk True Dharma and the Shengzun Again Leaves Miracle

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On December 28, 2018, Keqian Wangzha Gongbo Shangzun went to the Holy Miracles Temple to receive a Dharma transmission by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. During this magnificent time, monastics at the Holy Miracles Temple reported to the World Buddhism Association Headquarters:

“We reported to Wangzha Shangzun that a holy feat was manifest in the dharma visages of Yinhai Shengzun. We said: ‘There are two dharma visages of Yinhai Shengzun that have been placed here for worship all along. What is strange is, if we stand at an equal distance away from these two Shengzun’s dharma visages, in just one glance, the dharma visage placed for worship before Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva’s statue appears much larger than the other one placed on the sidewall! One of the two dharma visages, which are identical in size and dimensions, becomes larger than the other. But when we measure them with a measuring tape, their dimensions are indeed identical without any difference.'”

“‘During the last several days, many people who came to our temple to pay homage and respectfully view the dharma visages wrote on the guest book. Their words respectfully praised this holy scene that is open for viewing by the public. They knew deeply that they had met the true and great Dharma of Tathagata and could not control their joy.’”

“The Shangzun said, ‘It is absolutely a great holy feat that two photos of the same dimensions turn into different sizes, one bigger than the other, when viewed from the same distance. Actually, you can double the distance of the current viewing point where the holy scene is manifest to about 22 feet. Then you can see the dharma visage placed where Shengzun’s dharma body was once worshiped is still one-third bigger than the dharma visage placed on the side, even though the latter is 11 feet closer than the former.’”

“We immediately went to Avalokiteshvara Hall. We followed Shangzun’s dharma decree and placed one dharma visage at the location where the holy feat (of Yinhai Shengzun’s dharma body undergoing a miraculous transformation after passing) was manifest, and the other at a place on the side where no holy scene had happened. We then respectfully conducted the test at the spot that is 22 feet away from the holy scene location and 11 feet away from the ordinary location. Exactly as we were told, the dharma visage placed at the location where Shengzun’s dharma body was once worshiped appeared noticeably much bigger than the dharma visage placed on the other side. We got up to measure the dimensions of the two dharma visages again with a measuring tape. They are completely identical.”

“We asked the Shangzun why it is so miraculous that no scientist could even explain. The Shangzun said: ‘The Elder Dharma Master Yinhai received a holy inner-tantric initiation from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III which was a direct transmission from the Yidam. Through practicing the Dharma of Great Compassion Magnificent Ocean Red Avalokitesvara, He had already realized the status of a Tremendously Holy Guru at the level of Shengzun, which is equal to the level of Yuzun and surpasses the levels of Shangzun, Jiaozun, and Ruzun. He is a great holy being who is difficult to encounter in hundreds of years. He is not different from Guru Padmasambhava, Master Marpa, Master Tsongkhapa, the Venerable Atisa, the Sixth Patriarch Master Huineng, Elder Monk Xuyun, and Master Hanshan, surpassing even the patriarchs of earlier generations with His holy feats and awe-inspiring power.'”

“‘More than 20 days after the Shengzun’s perfect passing, His revered body returned to a youthful state; His beard grew; His fingers and nails also grew longer. Now again, He manifests such great holy feat that even scientists cannot explain. Think about it! None of these was ever achieved by any patriarch of earlier generations. If He had not manifested such great holy feats, how could He show that Anutpattika-dharma-kṣānti (無生法忍) and the unsurpassed true Dharma of Tathagata are in my beneficent Master, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III’s control?'”

The location where the dharma body of Yinhai Shengzun was worshiped at the Holy Miracles Temple is just extremely mysterious. It is open for the public to admire. Even after the distance is doubled, the majestic power of tremendous holiness manifests itself all the same and is unaffected. The holy feat manifests itself continually, empowering the pious and respectful admirers. Such rare miracles can equate to the “Mystery Spot” in San Cruz of Northern California, where two persons of the same height when standing at two spots of the same level separated by eleven feet, would appear unequal in height with one being much taller than the other. This “Mystery Spot” that is open to the public became a holy site because a tremendous holy person once left a holy feat there.

We hope all those who come to the Holy Miracles Temple to admire the holy feat will do so piously and respectfully without any disrespectful mind or conduct to avoid creating negative karma. We should pray to Namo Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva and Yinhai Shengzun to bestow to us blessings and empowerment, to allow us to have joy and happiness, and to enable us to obtain true Dharma of the Tathagata, so as to have perfect fortune and wisdom and to realize enlightenment very soon.

Therefore, the Headquarters specifically issue this announcement. All who are pious can go to the Holy Miracles Temple to respectfully admire this holy feat, to pray for empowerment, and to wish for all the auspiciousness and ever-lasting happiness!

World Buddhism Association Headquarters

December 30, 2018

(Original English translation by Benxin, edited by Zunba 2019-04-05 and 2020-05-05)