WBAH Announcement No. 20190102: A Tremendously Holy Feat Manifested Yesterday at the Holy Heavenly Lake Where the Buddhist City Will Be Established

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Yesterday, when the bright sun was shining in the sky, it was suddenly reported that at the riverbed above the underground river at the Holy Heavenly Lake, huge waves were seen flowing very fast from south to north. The magnitude of the water flow was inconceivably large. The river’s width was similar to that of the Yangtze River (the longest and largest river in China). The color of the river was transparently blue, resembling that of the Danube River. Seeing the rushing billows with the rapid torrents, many people were very astounded and did not know how to react. They were speculating but did not know what kind of situation might occur after all.

H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III said at that time, “You do not know the situation but you don’t have to worry. This is a greatly auspicious precursor. There will not be any harm or damage done in the Holy Heavenly Lake where buildings and temples are to be constructed, or to the nearby places where people inhabit. Now the only thing to be done is to inform the World Buddhism Association Headquarters since they will build the temple there. They should send people to record the holy feat.”

We asked about why this is called a holy feat. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III said, “You were already told last year that the Holy Heavenly Lake is a holy site. Below the Holy Heavenly Lake, there is an underground river going from the south to the north, which is as wide as the Yangtze River. At that time, there were evil and demonic persons who slandered us to say that what we said was a rumor. For that, some people brought up scientific evidence to tell them that one of the world’s only two big underground rivers going from the south to the north is truly under the Holy Heavenly Lake. They were also told that there is a crystal lake with crystal gems lying 450 feet below the ground. But how could people with karmic hindrances believe my words? They are obstructed by dark karma and do not even believe science. You can think for yourself and then answer me: Why does clear water suddenly flow rapidly today with waves lifted by its billows over the riverbed above the underground river, although the riverbed has been dried for many years? What is the reason? It runs northward like an endless tide from a river of hundreds of miles in length. What holy, pure karmic condition can cause it after all?”

At this time, a Shangzun replied to His Holiness the Buddha, “Is this a river that holds the water flowing from the heavenly river into the big underground river at the entrance on the ground surface? This is truly a joyful celebration and an act of praise by the nagas and heavenly dharmapalas. Based on scientific evidence, a big and wide river is now flowing through this dry river that has not had water flowing for several decades. The cause of it is an event that happened on February 14, 2019. The City of Hesperia where the Holy Heavenly Lake is located held a public hearing to discuss the matter of building the Buddhist City at the Holy Heavenly Lake and subdividing the land for various Buddhist sects to build temples in the city. The result was that the city agreed to let the project move forward. The nagas and heavenly dharmapalas are very pleased and give their praises!”

The Shangzun also told H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, “How good would it be if this river can be kept permanently!”

H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III said, “If kept forever, it would no longer be one large river and instead would be a pair of overlaying rivers, one open and one hidden. Didn’t you say that this is the celebration held today by the nagas and heavenly dharmapalas for what was agreed at the public hearing yesterday? In that case, this is a holy manifestation of the dharma and is a kind of celebration. Just as holding a grand assembly of celebration, once the grand assembly of celebration is over, this huge river flow will naturally disappear very quickly. What is left will be the very clean rocks and sands below. I hope that the mind and conduct of some people will also be washed clean, just like the rocks and sands. If such a big flow cannot wash clean the contamination in your mind, you will be truly incurable.”

The Shangzun said, “Is this a prediction by Buddha?”

H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III said, “I have no ability to predict. These are all that you can see. Go quickly and record the scene with a video camera. As of now, perhaps you can still capture the rainbow above the river.”

Following His Holiness the Buddha’s Dharma decree, we went to the shores of the Holy Heavenly Lake. All we heard was the rushing, pounding waves. It was really like what His Holiness the Buddha said. We saw the large river, just like the Yangtze River, appearing above ground in Holy Heavenly Lake. The river was flowing northward, with a huge volume of water in surging billows and waves at a very rapid speed,  taking away the remnants and dead leaves from the lakeside. There was no harm done to the trees and buildings at all, nor was there any damage to the houses across the river. The video also captured a rainbow.

The meeting was held on the first day, and the nagas and dharmapalas showed their praises through this tremendously holy manifestation on the next day. We believe that the Buddhist City at the Holy Heavenly Lake will fulfill the myriad wishes and bring about prosperity in every undertaking!

Later, a video recording of the live scene will be distributed.

World Buddhism Association Headquarters

February 15, 2019

(English translation by Benxin, Citian, Tammy, and Zunba)

Huge rushing waves in the river
Huge rushing waves in the river


The water surface that is as wide as the Yangtze River, taken from the shore of the Holy Heavenly Lake
The water surface that is as wide as the Yangtze River, taken from the shore of the Holy Heavenly Lake


(The following is an addendum to the announcement added on February 17, 2019)

Below is the video that was taken on the day.

We heard from Buddha Master that the holy feat happened because the city held the hearing. After the hearing is over, the water would disappear. We were therefore quite worried and hurried over to the site right away. According to our understanding, no one else took a video on that day. Many people went to the site on the next day after seeing the bulletin announcement, but just as what H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III had said, after the celebration, the water receded rapidly. The rushing waves already disappeared when the got there. That proved what H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III said earlier. The amount of water diminished largely.