WBAH Reply to Inquiries No. 20180101

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The following are the answers to a few inquiries.

“Is the Namo Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s Blessing Dharma which Wangqiu Rinpoche and Dharma Master Zhizhuang practice from a true Buddha Dharma transmission? “

The answer is the following. It has been verified that Wangqiu Rinpoche does not have true Buddha Dharma transmission. What he practices is a fake Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva Blessing Dharma and is a transformation from evil. On the other hand, What Dharma Master Zhizhuang practices is the Namo Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s Blessing Dharma of true Buddha Dharma transmission.

Should there be anyone you know who claims to be able to practice Namo Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s Blessing Dharma or has been practicing it for the believers, you should write to inquire at the Headquarters. The Inquiry Center shall provide you an answer to any question you may have because we must promptly prevent evil masters from collecting money using the excuse of practicing Namo Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s Blessing Dharma and cheating people. We will answer any question from anyone for the sake of benefiting people. We will protect those who inquire and not disclose their names, neither will we tell anyone in private.

Someone claims to have stayed at H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III’s residence when he or she went to the US. That is a cheating lie! The outer court of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III’s residence is a Buddhist organization’s house. It is outside the range of the inner court where H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III resides. The outer court has nothing to do with H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III’s residence. The Buddhist organization in the outer court is under its own command and has hosted some rinpoches, dharma masters, and laymen, including those with correct views and understanding and those with wrong views and understanding. That is really very common. But it is not the inner court where His Holiness the Buddha resides. The inner court of His Holiness Dorje Chang Buddha III does not allow any dharma master, dharma king, or rinpoche who is not qualified to stay in it. In order to get inside, one must pass through the guards, in addition to getting approved!

Other than Ruzun, Jiaozun, Shangzun, Yuzun, and the guards, not any virtuous one of the Blue Button level has been qualified to stay there. It has never happened even once! Do keep that in mind. Don’t be fooled. No matter what kind of a rinpoche, dharma king, or great dharma master title, it is only an uncertain status. The only thing you must see to determine true from false is their level because the level is the result they obtained from the holy test with their real knowledge and realization level. It cannot be faked. No one can get the Gold Button if not having the realization level of a holy one. If you don’t have the ability, you can’t get the corresponding level from the holy test. The person you inquired about has only got a score that is in the teens. That person has a valueless title but in fact, knows nothing about Buddhism.

As to the claim that someone has realized the Five Vidyas and is titled as a Vajra Dharma King, it is indeed a childish joke. In this world, there is no one who even gets close to Five Vidyas without having attained Gold Button Level 3. There hasn’t been any exception! You must understand that the Five Vidyas include five major categories and not just one. One cannot pass for Five Vidyas with just one category by any means. Just take the example of the Craftsmanship Vidya (Silpakarmasthanavidya). People like those students at the art institutes can copy to paint the block of colors in a Thanka, a face mask, or a butter sculpture. That is called the workman’s art, not Craftsman Vidya.

The Craftsmanship Vidya entails the ability to make and apply the various kinds of techniques, technologies, architectures, painting, landscape designs, sculptures, and so on. One must have tangible results for others to research and study, and these results must surpass the professional experts and be well known by all. Otherwise, that person has not yet entered the realms of Craftsmanship Vidya and is only good in one of the craftsman’s areas of techniques. That person has not yet entered the door of Craftsmanship Vidya. Even if that person has surpassed the professional standard in many areas, he or she has only accomplished one vidya—the Craftsmanship Vidya. One must surpass professional standards in every one of the Five Vidyas, without missing even one, to have all Five Vidyas.

Even those holy and virtuous ones of Gold Button Level 1 cannot administer the direct inner-tantric initiations. Those with only Blue Buttons are much worse. It is because they have not realized the inner tantric state. It is harder to realize the Inner Realization Vidya (Adhyatmavidya) than climbing the sky. For a male person, he must at least be able to Present the Three Vajra Pestles to establish Inner Realization Vidya. For a female person, she must at least be able to Make a Dharma Bowl Ring. How could someone say to have Inner Vidya if he or she does not have the inner realization powers? For a great holy and virtuous one or a tremendously holy and virtuous one, they can certainly Send a Petition to Bodhisattva. The rinpoche with a vain title whom you mentioned cannot even muster enough energy to lift the most basic Earth Pestle off ground, let alone the Dharma Pestle. There are more than a thousand Dharma kings, rinpoches, and high monks in the contemporary world who are ranked above that person. None of those high monks and greatly virtuous people can present the Earth Pestle. This person does not even make the list, and he cannot present the most basic Earth Pestle or the Heaven Pestle. He has not realized even one-thousandth of Inner Realization Vidya.

It can basically be asserted that a person of Blue Button cannot even understand the Causality Vidya (Hetuvidya), let alone being well versed in it. How can that person be said to have any sliver of Causality Vidya? One has not realized Causality Vidya or Sound Vidya (Sabdavidya) if one is not well versed in reasoning, argumentation, poetry, songwriting, singing, melody and lyrics composition, rhyming, principles, and styles of writing, and the logical relations of everything in both fields of the mind and the matter.

As to Healing Vidya (Cikitsvidya), it encompasses both fields of mind and matter and covers myriads of forms. In order to treat disease and repair the health through the means of healing, one must surpass professional standards to be said to have vidya. Vidya means to surpass professional height and does not just mean the average level.

If even one of the five categories is missing, it cannot be called Five Vidyas. A lot of the great patriarchs in history who were exaggerated as having Five Vidyas were in fact not so and as such did not have any concrete result to show to the world. The person you mentioned is completely out of the league. That person can only cheat people by fabricating false words. How can that person be said to have Five Vidyas? That is shamelessly cheating the world.

As to those who cheat people everywhere and pull people away from going to the Dharma listening centers elsewhere with ugly means, they are masters doing evil deeds and do not deserve to be masters of virtue. They are dirty people. An upstanding and bright master nurtures and benefits people with his or her own morals and ethics. They receive and embrace those new people who have not learned from Buddha instead of pulling old people away who have been going to the Dharma listening sessions to learn. If you have a very good virtue which attracts people, then people will come to learn with you again. Only that is the conduct of a good master. Those Buddhists who have been listening to the Dharma discourses have the right to follow a good master and study at a temple of their own choice in the world. No master has the right to control others. If someone has been going to a place for listening to the Dharma discourses and studying, and you still ask your disciples to persuade and pull them away, then that is the conduct of someone who is evil and does not have morals, the conduct of a master who does not understand Buddha Dharma. The reason is very simple. It is because they are all listening to the Dharma discourses given by the Buddha.

Any of you masters can only establish Dharma listening centers to let people learn from the Dharma discourses. You can only do everything out of compassion and goodwill and can never form gangs. Buddhist cultivators don’t come because they want to learn from you. You don’t have any qualify worthy of their learning from. They come to learn from Buddha and to cultivate themselves. If you don’t agree, then I will ask you a question. What is the largest devil to Buddhist disciples? Which one of you masters can answer a question as simple as that? If you do not understand the meaning and logic of the Dharma, how can you teach or talk randomly?

In order to examine a master, one only needs to look at the master’s robe wear that indicates their level and proves that the master’s status and their level of accomplishment. If one is not a great virtuous one, then one is not qualified to give impartation on Buddha Dharma. Why does a layman go around pulling those who are listening to the Dharma discourses in other places and give them wrong teaching that makes no sense? You have been warned many times by the public announcements that a person is not qualified to give teachings or impartation without being of the status as a great virtuous one. The reason is simple. If you do not understand the sutras and Buddhist teachings, then you will interpret something correct to incorrect. Would those who have already been listening to Dharma discourses and receiving true Dharma want you to lead them randomly and incorrectly and attract black karma? Which public announcement says you can pull those who have been listening to Dharma discourses somewhere else away? You know very well how many points you scored in the test on the sutras. If you dare to pretend as a holy one, then why don’t you let the Headquarters publish your score? Why don’t you let people clearly see what level you are exactly? You wouldn’t dare to request to have your score published, would you? Just that is enough to prove whether you are true or false. Why don’t all those of you who bloat yourselves and fabricate false words in front of Buddhist cultivators go pass the Gold Button level in the test with your capabilities? We must say it is because you are not a holy person and you do not have real holy capabilities to allow you to get to the Gold Button level.

The Headquarters advises you once again to truly cultivate yourselves and learn from Buddha, to be compassionate and kind, to benefit all the people and lead them to listen to the Dharma discourses by the Buddha. Don’t form gangs and create trouble. Don’t build evil and incorrect views or understanding; don’t talk randomly and mislead people or hurt people.

Inquiry Center, World Buddhism Association Headquarters

September 10, 2018

(English translation by Zunba)