WBAH Reply to Inquiries No. 20180103

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You come to make inquiries as soon as the announcements were made by the Inquiry Center of the World Buddhism Association Headquarters. The Headquarters bless you because you have finally realized to pursue the correct views and understanding. If you should fall prey to deceit by evil people, get blinded by their lies, and you keep in yourself the bewilderment without any answer, then you would deserve to be cheated for your whole life and end in misery.

We now give several replies to inquiries below.

  1. What Dharma Master Fade (pronounced Fah-duh) learned about Namo Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s Blessing Dharma is a transmission of the true Buddha Dharma. However, she has not yet obtained the transmission to transmit it to the next generation.

  2. We have previously announced the reason why we don’t name names. If we did, then those who say false things to cheat people would harm you, because since they dare to tell lies and cheat people, they don’t care about the law of cause and effect. There is another reason why we don’t name names. It is because we want to give them a chance to correct themselves. Of course, if someone who is a cheater and an evil person continues to do evil things and does not repent and correct him or herself, then his or her name will be called out. How do you tell if someone is good or evil? It is quite simple to know what someone is. If someone says that he or she has stayed at the residence of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, whether that someone is an impostor or not, and the level of clothes he or she wears is not the Gold Button level, if he or she says things like that to you, then it must be that person.

  3. The Wangqiu Rinpoche of Hong Kong is not the same Wangqiu Rinpoche mentioned in the announcement.

  4. You asked for our opinion on whether you should learn from someone and where you should go to learn it. No matter where it is, the best and the highest level of learning and practice is listening to the Dharma discourses given by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. Unless someone is a Great Holy Virtuous One of Gold Button Grade III, he or she is not qualified to impart the meaning of Dharma. Any master cannot expound Buddha Dharma for you. There are bound to be some errors, whether small or large. For all these years, it has been proven in practice that the explanations about problems given by a lot of masters are not in accord with true Buddha Dharma in the sutras. Your views will be erroneous if you listen to the incorrect discourses by the others. The Huangzang Buddhist Institute did hire some teachers and Dharma masters from the outside to teach the basic Buddhist knowledge. The 128 evil and erroneous views are the Dharma guidance for the voyage in Buddhist cultivation and the learning of Buddha Dharma.

Inquiry Center, World Buddhism Association Headquarters

September 15, 2018

(Translation by Zunba)