WBAH Reply to Inquiries No. 20180104

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The Inquiry Center has replied to a number of questions. You cannot combine these questions. For examples:

  1. Someone said that he (or she) stayed at the residence of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III’s when he (or she) went to the US. Did that happen before or after that person obtained the level from taking the holy exam?

    Answer: If that person is not at the Gold Button level at present, then that person has never stayed at the inner court of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III’s residence since the first time he or she respectfully visited H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. It has nothing to do with whether that person passed the holy test for the level in the past or now.

  2. Some disciples, after finding the master whom they have trusted have erroneous and evil views and understanding, dare not go to the Buddhist centers to listen to the Dharma discourses and have lost confidence in Buddha Dharma.

    Answer: If you are not going to listen to the Dharma discourses given by the Buddha just because your master has erroneous and evil views and understanding, then people like you are full of sinful karma because you have forgotten about cultivating yourself and learning from Buddha completely. What does your master not having correct views and understanding have anything to do with your listening to Dharma discourses? The public announcements have once, twice, three times, four times… told you people that you can only learn from the Dharma discourses given by the Buddha and not from the conduct of your master. Your master’s having evil views and understanding has nothing to do with the Dharma discourses imparted by the Buddha. You don’t read the public announcements yourself and as such you fall prey to deceit. You don’t repent yourself, and instead, you even talk about it shamelessly. Be told that a good Buddhist would rather sacrifice his or her life than sacrificing the Dharma. If a master is not good, then find another one that is. Any holy and virtuous one below Gold Button Level 3 is not qualified to give any impartation of Dharma and still needs to listen and learn from the Dharma discourses given by the Buddha. You must go by the Dharma discourses given by the Buddha. But instead, you don’t read the announcements, you don’t conduct yourself according to the Dharma discourses. You only listen to the shenanigans from a master having evil views and understanding. You get deceived because that is the causal retributions you deserve. You don’t read the announcements, you don’t do the right things, you only listen to and follow blindly the evil talks, and as a result, you are encountered with bad karma. It is like after you have heard the evil talk by Devadatta and realized you were deceived yet you still don’t listen to the teachings by Shakyamuni Buddha. What does Devadatta’s evil talk have to do with the Dharma impartation by Shakyamuni Buddha? Are you still a Buddhist cultivator? Put it bluntly, you are an idiot who deserves to be played by the evil master.

  3. Which master should be selected to guide you? Who exactly can be trusted?

    Answer: The announcements have said it quite clearly. Do trust only the announcements, the Dharma discourses, and the clear differentiation of the holy exam. Other than the holy ones above Gold Button Level 3, no master has the right to give impartation.

  4. Who is it that the reply to the inquiry is referring to?

    Answer: We have already told you we will not name names unless the person is a swindler who keeps on doing bad deeds and does not repent himself or herself. There is also another reason for not naming names, which is we hope to give that person a chance to correct him or herself. The Inquiry Center of the Headquarters will not reply should this question be raised again! The Headquarters will name names for those who deserve to be called. It looks you guys do not read the announcements or do not understand the announcements. You only listen to the fabricated lies by the swindlers and evil masters. No wonder you can never learn any holy Buddha Dharma.

  5. Regarding the matter where Chen Jianyu says he received a donation receipt for $544, the Headquarters must tell you, a receipt is issued by the Headquarters for the exact amount of the donation received. It will not be a penny more or a penny less. If you should ask us to issue a receipt for a certain amount which we have not received, we can only say we are sorry, because we must be factual and we can never do anything illegal, since no one has come to submit the amount you said on your behalf.

We clarify once again that the Headquarters always issues a receipt factually for any donation submitted to the Headquarters, whether by an organization of whatever sort or by an individual. The Headquarters does not ask how much you have paid someone in the middle to donate on your behalf. The Headquarters can only issue a receipt based on the actual amount received. If you commissioned someone to donate you, then please ask that someone you commissioned for a receipt yourself. It has nothing to do with the Headquarters.

Inquiry Center, World Buddhism Association Headquarters

September 22, 2018

(translation by Zunba)