WBAH Reply to Inquiries No. 20180108

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Reply to inquiries:

1. The Inquiry Center of the World Buddhism Association Headquarters already replied to your inquiry publicly. Now you are asking the same question again. We now reply to you one more time, but we still won’t mention your master’s name. You asked why he said that he had learned the Namo Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s Blessing Dharma even though he had not. That just means that he told lies to deceive people. There is no need for the Headquarters to check. The Headquarters knows clearly who has learned the Namo Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s Blessing Dharma because the Headquarters keeps a record of the transmissions by of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, including the third-generation lineage holders who received the dharma from the second-generation lineage holders and what their names are. As of now, the lineage has not been extended to the fourth generation yet. It is very clear. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III has not transmitted the Namo Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s Blessing Dharma to your master. None of the second-generation lineage holders have transmitted to your master either.

Buddha Dharma must be learned with a pure and upstanding mind, a mind to benefit living beings. We once again remind you that the Namo Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s Blessing Dharma was brought to this earthly world by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III is the sole holder of the Dharma and who transmits the Dharma as the first generation. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III started transmitting this Dharma since as early as 1991. In the United States, the transmission of this dharma began in 2000.

According to our information, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III never transmitted this dharma to the elder dharma king in Tibet whom you mentioned. He does not have the transmission of the Namo Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s Blessing Dharma, neither has he ever practiced the Namo Great Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s Blessing Dharma. Since you kept mentioning that elder dharma king in Tibet, Wangzha Shangzun specifically observed your mentality and said: “The accomplishment realized by that elder dharma king is that of a Ruzun of Gold Button Level 1. As of now, he has not yet attained the realization of a Jiaozun at Gold Button Level 2.”

The best method to resolve your question is to ask your master to request the Headquarters to publish his answers to the written test. If your master passed with a score of 60 points or higher, he may teach people with some limitations. Even in such a scenario, he would still have many erroneous views and cannot proclaim having the true Dharma! This is because where he answered correctly can be called the true Dharma but where the answers were wrong may be the wrong Dharma or Dharma of evil views.

We hope that you do not repeatedly ask some absurd questions. You tried to defend your master over and over again. Now the situation is becoming more and more terrible. You are only forcing him to make his answer sheet public. When that happens, you and your master will only weep with tears on your cheeks.

2. Regarding whether your master’s paintings are good or bad, you can submit his work for evaluation. We will also provide two paintings for him to copy. If his copy reaches a level of 60%, he can be called as having the “foundation of craftsmanship.” If his copy achieves 80% or more, he may be determined as possessing Craftsmanship Vidya. You and others can also be present to watch it. Let’s reach a fair and just conclusion that way, shall we?

Based on what do you say that your master possesses true Buddha Dharma and is a holy person? Did he attain a level of Gold Button from the holy examination? All those who are still at the Blue Button level have errors. How could your master proclaim having true Buddha Dharma without feeling embarrassed! We remind you one more time here that a person who is not a holy virtuous one of the Gold Button levels has no holiness to speak of at all and cannot be guaranteed to have correct views. Since you and your master both are Buddhists at the beginning level and still in the learning phase, your views are bound to be a mix of correct views, erroneous views, evil views, and so on. Otherwise, your scores from the examination would have reached the level of passing. Don’t you agree?

The reason that even holy virtuous ones at Gold Button Levels 1 and 2, who are much, much higher than your master, are not qualified to give discourses is that their views have not yet been pure, and therefore they may intentionally or unintentionally mislead living beings. Exactly due to this fact, it has been stipulated that they can only lead people to listen respectfully to the Dharma discourses given by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. In terms of the levels of realization and accomplishment, 1,097 times of the Blue Button Level 3 is equivalent to Gold Button Level 3. It is so hard to find someone who is at the Gold Button level! You should go and think about it well!

If you continue to argue for your master in such a stupid and ignorant manner, trying to hopelessly defend your master with your evil views and understanding, then you are exposing your master in the broad daylight. Don’t you feel very stupid about yourself? Aren’t you harming your master?

Think about this. Since holy ones are very difficult to find in this world, it would be impossible to benefit living beings if Buddhism and Buddha Dharma can only be propagated by the holy ones. Although people at the Blue Button levels are not holy ones, it is still necessary that they take actions to benefit living beings and advocate listening to the Dharma discourses, because those actions accrue merits of benefiting living beings.

In your mind, you still hope that Headquarters recognizes your master as a holy person. We must tell you clearly that the Headquarters can only speak from the fact and cannot call a non-holy person as a holy one. If your master agrees, the Headquarters will use a simple and yet accurate way to precisely determine his status to show which category he belongs to. The Headquarters will publicly announce the list of people who shall take the first round of the annual examination in early 2019, and your master will be included in it. The annual examination will include a test on Sutra, Vinaya, and Sastra as well as the holy exam. Once he is included in the list and has been notified publicly to take the examination, if he dares not come forward or resists taking the examination, then it shows clearly that he is just an amateur who knows nothing about Sutra, Vinaya, or Sastra. He is a piece of scrap metal rather than gold or silver; he is an ordinary person who has sneaked in the ranks of Buddhism. If he comes to take the examination, his score will be put out in public and you will know everything. That is the fairest and the justest way in which everyone will be convinced both verbally and mentally. We assume that you will not object to that approach!

4. You inquired about how to establish a Buddhist organization.
Reply: You should follow the laws of the country and the government to establish it legally.

5. You inquired about how to beseech an inner-tantric initiation.
Reply: This question was already answered very clearly in the Important Replies from Holy Virtuous Ones and Eminent Monastics (the 35 questions and answers). As to how to beseech in the manner that is in accord with the Dharma, meeting the requirements and standards is in accord with the Dharma.

6. What is the level of Henghsing Gyatso Rinpoche from the annual examination?
Reply: Henghsing Gyatso Rinpoche received Blue Button Level 3 plus 1 Black Button from the annual examination.

Inquiry Center, World Buddhism Association Headquarters

October 25, 2018