Answer 16

On Day 16 of the Lunar year

Why would people with the titles of master and Dharma king oppose the stipulations of the Dharma regarding the inner-tantric mandala? That is because they are false holy ones. Masters with the claims of dharma king and rinpoche in the world are used to saying that they can perform inner-tantric initiations and calling what an inner-tantric mandala versus an outer-tantric mandala is. However, announcing the Dharma stipulations regarding real inner-tantric mandalas have exposed their lies entirely. That is why they have extreme anger and hatred. The reason is that among 10,000 dharma kings and rinpoches claiming to have an inner-tantric mandala, basically 9,999 of them have false inner-tantric mandalas and perform fake inner-tantric initiations!

Why could many rinpoches in Tibet attain the rainbow body accomplishment in the past but none during the last several decades? That is the fact that no one can deny, isn’t it? It is because there is no inner-tantric mandala now, and thus no inner-tantric initiation can be performed. The siddhi power of a holy mandala has been lost. The dharmas they transmitted are not connected with the Yidam. Buddhas and Bodhisattvas do not accept those initiations that are not performed in an inner-tantric mandala.

Currently, false rinpoches are everywhere. They never received great Dharma of real inner-tantric initiation. Think about this. If they could perform a real inner-tantric initiation, they would undoubtedly be great holy ones, acting as great holy Bodhisattvas. Then, doesn’t the fact that they are unable to transform a sheet with your writing on it into a rainbow flying into the sky clearly show that they are not holy persons? Aren’t they, in fact, ordinary persons who are only able to utter hollow words that are nice to hear? Can one who is unable to transform a sheet of paper into a rainbow which subsequently disappears or who simply dares not try to do so be a great holy person? Would a great Bodhisattva be so incapable of not being able to deal with a sheet of paper?

They are not even asked to show the realization capabilities of a great Bodhisattva involving returning the written petition, where they are to burn the written petition in public and ask a Bodhisattva to send it back to the disciple in his or her sleep. What is miraculous is that after the disciple wakes up, he or she will hold the written petition that was burnt and is now restored in his or her hand. The disciple having this petition will receive an upper-level inner-tantric “First-Class Initiation of Dharma Affinity with the Yidam.” At that time, the disciple can interact with Buddha, Bodhisattva, etc. during the three periods of the day. The three Vajra Pestles are to test the physical strength of a male master. Only those who do not have good health or enough physical power are unable to present and offer the “Earth Pestle” and the “Heaven Pestle.”

On the other hand, one who does not possess the capabilities derived from holy realization is unable to present and offer the “Dharma Pestle.” Moreover, it is one-hundred-percent true that low-level holy virtuous ones do not possess the realization capabilities to “Present a Petition to a Bodhisattva.” Nor do they have the realization capabilities to instruct a Vajra Pill to manifest miraculous transformations and so on in the disciple’s palm from afar.

Think carefully about this. For this kind of false holy persons without any accomplishment, if they do not oppose the two significant stipulations of the Dharma for establishing an inner-tantric mandala, how could they cover up their embarrassment of deceiving people? Would they possibly admit to you that their physique is weak and they have no physical strength to “Present the Three Vajra Pestles,” they cannot “Present a Petition to a Bodhisattva,” or they are false holy ones? Would they admit that they are fake holy ones who are deceiving everyone? They can only oppose to the stipulations of true Buddha-dharma to cover up their nature of being ordinary ones and charlatans. Therefore, those false holy ones who have only undeserved fame and no realization capabilities will oppose for sure.

Inquiry Center of the World Buddhism Association Headquarters

Written on behalf of great holy virtuous ones to answer questions raised

March 3, 2018

(translation last edited by Zunba 2020-10-05)