Answer 17

On Day 17 of the Lunar year

Great magicians make magic using lighting, laser, chemistry, and so on. They can even build an earthquake house where people would not be able to keep balance while standing. They can let an airplane or automobile vanish or appear. However, no great magician can ever do the following: have someone personally write something on a sheet of paper; lay the paper on a table in front of a crowd, who watches and guards it carefully; that magician stands at a distance and invites a Bodhisattva to transform the paper into a rainbow light that disappears in the sky. Only a Bodhisattva with the status of Tremendously Holy Virtue can accomplish this. Even Arhats are unable to do this.

You should know that “sending a petition” and “burning a petition” are two different matters. “Sending a petition” is to write the petition document on a sheet of paper on the spot. Without using fire, while the disciples are chanting “Om Ah Hum,” this sheet of paper will transform into rainbow light and fly away without leaving a trace. On the other hand, “burning a petition” is to burn the petition in flame. Any one of you can do that.

Inquiry Center of the World Buddhism Association Headquarters

Written on behalf of great holy virtuous ones to answer questions raised

March 4, 2018

(English translation by Zunba; last edited 2020-06-03)