Answer 18

On Day 18 of the Lunar year

One who has the accomplishment of Gold Button Levels 1 or 2 is still at the risk of receding from the attained accomplishment if not cultivating oneself earnestly. For example, Dharma King Gar Tongstan once retreated from the status of Jiaozun of Gold Button Level 2 to a Ruzun. This year, he made his own decision to choose H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III as the Yidam of his dharma practice. Now he has once again attained Gold Button Level 2. Even so, the circumstance is just as the forecast made in a letter dated July 16, 2015, that Dharma King Gar Tongstan wrote to the planning and preparation committee of the Juexing Temple in Taiwan. Why did Dharma King Gar Tongstan reply in writing that he could not serve as the abbot of the Juexing Temple in Taiwan? It was because he did not have such a karmic condition. Dharma King Gar Tongstan was able to clearly know the arising and generation of the karmic conditions related to his accomplishment regarding birth and death. That is the guarantee given to you by true Buddha-dharma.

There is another Jiaozun who also receded from Gold Button Level 2 to the status of Ruzun of Gold Button Level 1. He chose Sakyamuni Buddha as the Yidam and truly practiced the “Most Excellent Enlightenment Emptiness-Practice Oceanic Mind Essence.” Now he has returned to the realization and accomplishment of Gold Button Level 2.

Additionally, Kaichu Ruzun decided on his own to choose “the Dharma of the Ritual of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III” as his Yidam plus practicing the “Xiaman Most Excellent Oceanic Mind-Essence.” His power of Tummo has strengthened, and he has now realized the capabilities of Gold Button Level 2. His situation will be different from that of Dharma King Gar Tongstan. Even when many of the people who are much younger than him are no longer in this world, he will still be alive by the side of his beneficent Master, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. Other than true Buddha-dharma, what ability can enable one to know it all so clearly? You are so stupid that you can only meet the outcome to be deluded by evils and fraud!

Inquiry Center of the World Buddhism Association Headquarters

Written on behalf of great holy virtuous ones to answer questions raised

March 5, 2018

(translation by Zunba; last edited 2020-10-05)