Answer 19

On Day 19 of the Lunar year

Transmitting a Borrowed Inner-tantric Initiation requires at least three disciples receiving the Initiation. The Vajra rope used in the Dharma transmission of the Borrowed Inner-tantric Initiation will be cut into sections according to the number of people and distributed to them. The Vajra Pill will also be ground into a powder and given to them at the same time.

On the other hand, only for a real Inner-tantric Initiation, where just one person is receiving it, does the disciple possess a Measuring Vajra Rope that is between five and ten meters long as well as a live Vajra Pill that manifests holiness. This Measuring Vajra Rope is a holy dharma instrument and must not be shorter than five meters. The Yidam determines the actual length through the Dharma of Determination by Holy Selection.

Remember: the unalterable rule of the Dharma stipulates that as long as the disciple receiving the Initiation does not possess a Measuring Vajra Rope that is between five and ten meters long, the Initiation is not a real Inner-tantric Initiation. Why must there be a Measuring Vajra Rope? You should understand that the word “measuring” means measuring the distance between where the master stands and where the disciple stands. The length of this rope measures that distance. That is, the master presiding over the Initiation stands at one end of the Vajra rope while the disciple stands at the other end; they are separated from each other by a distance of at least five meters. If the Vajra Pill performs holy manifestation at the disciple’s side, which is less than five meters away from the master’s end who presides over the Initiation, if that distance is less than five meters, then the whole thing is a heretic. If the Vajra Pill does manifest a holy phenomenon at a length that is longer than five meters, but there is no Vajra rope to measure the distance, then it is not a real Inner-tantric Initiation, but just inner-tantric empowerment.  It could be that the disciple’s root quality is still being examined in an inner-tantric way.

Some people with ulterior motives or the intention to deceive others would think that they were receiving an Inner-tantric Initiation and, as such, start to oppose the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. They do not know that, without a Vajra rope longer than five meters, they are still just being examined, and they have already fallen with their demonic conduct wholly exposed.

Inquiry Center of the World Buddhism Association Headquarters

Written on behalf of great holy virtuous ones to answer questions raised

March 6, 2018

(English translation by Zunba, last edited 2020-06-03)