Answer 20

On Day 20 of the Lunar year

Although a Vajra Pill is very small, in the interior of the pill, there is a Vajra mandala. Moreover, the Yidam of the Inner-tantric Initiation will enter this mandala to manifest miraculous transformations. There are two types of Vajra Pills based on their external appearance.

Vajra Pills are firm and hard objects with the volume of a pea or a monsoon bean. The surface of a Vajra Pill is red-colored. Additionally, one type of Vajra Pill has a small white dot that is painted with Amrit on the red body. It is like a white label on its back. Once the Yidam has entered the mandala in the Vajra Pill, the white dot makes it easier for the disciples, who are receiving the initiation, to see the Vajra Pill turning around, rotating, going forward or backward, making turns, cruising at high speed, or the white dot suddenly disappearing, reappearing, growing, shrinking, or even miraculously transforming into the form of a Vajra, when the Vajra Pill is performing a Tibetan Guozhuang dance or the ice-skating dance.

The inside of a Vajra Pill is white-colored after it breaks. When the fragments are distributed to disciples receiving the initiation to take by mouth, one will feel a distinctive fragrant flavor and sweet taste in the mouth.

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March 7, 2018

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