Answer 8

On Day  8 of the Lunar year

Pay special attention to a critical point regarding inner-tantric initiations. When the Vajra Pill jumps or moves, if it is caused by the master practicing the dharma for the disciple, then it means bestowing empowerment to the disciple. Otherwise, if it is because your master is receiving empowerment by a great holy virtuous one who is even higher in status, then it just means that he himself is receiving empowerment from his greatly holy master. It cannot be said that he can perform an inner-tantric initiation.

A great holy master who possesses the real ability to perform inner-tantric initiations must let the disciple have a “Measuring Vajra Rope” that is between five to ten meters in length and a Vajra Pill. Moreover, this master presiding over the initiation must stand far away from the Vajra pill at a spot designated by the disciple. The Vajra pill must be held in the disciple’s hand and kept by the disciple, who can watch its miraculous transformations. Any situation without a Measuring Vajra Rope that is between five to ten meters long where the master just stands far away to practice the dharma does not belong to inner-tantric initiation and can only be inner-tantric empowerment. Any disciple who has received an inner-tantric initiation must have a Measuring Vajra Rope, which can be no shorter than five meters. However, the length of a Measuring Vajra Rope for an inner-tantric initiation is different from that of the State-Practice Initiation with the Holy Cause Seed and the First-Class Initiation of Dharma Affinity with the Yidam. The length of the Measuring Vajra Rope for a State-Practice Initiation with the Holy Cause Seed must be 8 meters or longer.

Please inquire at the World Buddhism Association Headquarters to find out which master has the realization capability to confer inner-tantric initiations. All masters capable of giving inner-tantric initiations have their names registered.

Inquiry Center of the World Buddhism Association Headquarters

Written on behalf of great holy virtuous ones to answer questions raised

February 23, 2018

(translation last edited by Zunba, 2020-06-03)