Urgent Charity Donation in Los Angeles Organized by Baotasi Temple

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread across many states in the US, threatening the health and lives of the public. In this fight against the pandemic, the medical staff in the hospitals bravely carry out their duties on the front line, running the risk of getting infected themselves, to help the sick and save the life of everyone who is infected day and night.

Because the sudden outbreak had caused very serious shortages in personal protective equipment for medical staff, the Baotasi Temple of Los Angeles took the initiative and organized the event of “urgent charity donation in Los Angeles” at this critical juncture. We used the donation money collected in a very short time to buy 520 protective medical coveralls that are compliant with the FDA regulations and CE certified. We then delivered the items to Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, at their specified location for receiving COVID-19 medical supply donation from the public at the Los Angeles County USC Medical Center, around noon time on April 6. Special agents representing the Public Health Department received the donated goods from us. All the donated protective medical wear will be centrally distributed to the front-line medical organizations who have emergency needs for medical protection wears by LA County Department of Public Health.

We pray to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas for their blessings to let the pandemic that is happening in the world be under control soon. We wish to return the merits from this good deed to all living beings who have died from the novel coronavirus pneumonia and those who are in prevention from, treatment of, and fight against the sickness and suffering. May the dead be raised to a higher realm, and the living be healthy, happy and safe. May the world be auspicious!

protective medical coveralls

520 protective medical coveralls were donated from Baotasi Temple to Los Angeles County


protective medical coveralls

A Baotasi monk delivered the donation items to the Los Angeles Department of Public Health. A special agent from the Health Department presented a receipt for the donation.